Gold Medal for Waste Week

Gold Medal

Thank you to everyone who brought in unwanted textiles during Waste Week. We managed to save 320kg of textiles from going into a landfill. That’s 1504kg of CO2. All our efforts paid off, as we won a gold medal for Waste Week. We also got over 12000 points for new science equipment!


Waste Week

This week is Waste Week!

Waste Week Assembly

This week is Waste Week at Abbey! The Eco-council are trying to get everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle! They started off in assembly this morning telling the Year 1 and Year 2 children all about waste and what we can recycle at school and at home. Did you know that we recycle paper, card, plastic, pens, old printer ink cartridges and cell phones at Abbey! For this week and this week only we will also be recycling textiles! So have a good Spring clean at home and collect together all your unwanted clothes, bed linen, towels, curtains, shoes, sandles and trainers. (clean and dry items only please) Put them all in a plastic back and bring them to school on Friday morning. That’s Friday the 15 March! The more we collect the more new science equipment we will get!