Year 5

Aztec Art

Continuing our Aztec theme, we moved forward this week into creating Aztec artwork. We have studied patterns and the meanings behind them from the Aztec period, as well as what they used to create them. We have been using batik paste to being our artwork, which will give us the satisfying job of peeling it all off once our work is complete! These are the early stages of our work, we will post more photos after we have completed 2 more sessions of artwork and allowed it to dry!

Aztec Alphabet

This week saw Year 5 try to create their name from a version of the Aztec Alphabet. After learning lots about how the Aztec’s used written communication and various symbols, the children created their own names. This proved tricky at times due to some symbols being very complicated! However, it was enjoyed by all as was decoding  sentences written in the traditional Aztec style.

World Book Day!

We had a great day celebrating World Book Day in Year 5 this week. So many children braved the snow in their amazing costumes on Thursday morning ready to celebrate reading, books and to also share their knowledge of their favourite books! We completed a variety of activities including the importance of sharing good books with others, creating our own book marks, describing our favourite characters and even retelling our own version of a David Walliams story. As you can see below- some amazing efforts with costumes as always! Thank you so much to our wonderful Year 5 children and parents for making the day so special!

Up Up and Away!

Over the last couple of weeks, we have kept a close eye on developments regarding the recent SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy into space. Although our space theme was covered at the beginning of the year, we always keep our eyes peeled for any interesting space news. We found watching the launch of the Falcon Heavy inspirational during our class assembly this week and were keen to hear the facts surrounding the mission. We loved the fact that its engines were able to safely land back on earth and it’s great to know that Starman is up there floating around space in his sports car- amazing!

Image result for falcon heavy  Image result for falcon heavy starman

Art Week- Banksy

This week, Year 5 have been busy studying Banksy for Art Week in school. We found out all about how Banksy goes about his work and love the mystery surrounding him and his identity. We were able to understand the main messages behind his works of art and what his inspiration may have been. The children will certainly be on the lookout for any more of his art pieces popping up! During the week, we worked in stages to create our own piece of Banksy art. We created a background, stencil and used spray pain to create our effect like the great artist himself- using stencils is hard than it looks! Here are some pictures of the children working on their art throughout the week.

Is Goldilocks Guilty?

This week our Year 5 children have been studying discussion texts through their literacy work. We have worked on understanding how to write a balanced argument, how to understand both points of view and which techniques are suitable for writing a good discursive text. The children used Goldilocks as an example this week and presented ways in which they could argue that she should or should not be put into jail for her actions! We used hot seating to develop each argument and the children did a great job both in pairs and as a whole class.

26/01 Momentum Smartie Challenge: just a gentle reminder that we only have one more week to help raise money for this wonderful charity. Year 2 have been hard at work making posters to put up in the classrooms to remind the children to bring those tubes (filled with spare change) into school by Friday 2nd Feb!!

Wimbledon Synagogue

Amber Class visited Wimbledon Synagogue this week as part of their continued RE theme of Judaism. The children had a brilliant time learning about all aspects of the synagogue from our excellent hosts. As our photos show, the session was very interactive for the children as they were able to be very hands-on with all items within the prayer room such as the Torah Scrolls, Menorah and Ark. The children were able to wear a Kippah (skull cap) within the prayer room. All children were so positive about their experience at the synagogue and felt lucky to have been involved. We are so thankful to everyone at the synagogue who put so much time and effort in for us to visit their beautiful place of worship- we are very grateful!

Invasion of the Vikings!

Last week Year 5 began their next theme topic of ‘The Vikings are Coming!’. They studied the locations involved within the initial viking invasion as well as the routes the took from Scandinavia. During the coming weeks, Year 5 will have the chance to study viking settlements in more detail, understand how viking longboats were constructed and they will also be fortunate to take part in a viking-themed day which includes a special guest for the day. Watch this space for more details of how they get on!

Frogs on the Loose?

A Happy New Year to all! This week has seen some strange goings on in Year 5! On Friday, the children came into their classrooms to find a number of lily pads on the walls, floors and ceilings. The children were asked to do some detective work to find out what had gone on! We took it in turns to be reporters, frogs and detectives to solve what had happened. No one quite knows for sure but a report might  be issued in a newspaper written by members of Year 5 in the near future!

Buggy Makers!

Year 5 have started making buggies as part of their DT sessions this week. The children are busy squeezing in Christmas rehearsals along with their DT sessions, but we hope to have them completed by the end of term!! The children have investigated, created a product specification and completed a final design in order to begin the making progress this week. We will continue to post photos of the making process as the children near the end in completing their own motorised buggy!

Basketball Allstars!

The children continued to build upon the skills they have been learning during our basketball sessions this week. They have gradually put sequences of skills together including chest passes, pivots, dribbling and, of course, shooting! Despite the cold, the children have shown real effort and desire to learn and work as a team during what is a face-paced game. It has been great to see the support the children have given each other and this is sure to continue until the end of term!

Theseus and the Minotaur

In a week where we have been focusing on myths, legends and fables, Year 5 found themselves in the shoes of Theseus and the Minotaur in our literacy sessions. We compared a range of myths in our new writing genre focus and felt there was no better myth than this one to get our drama skills flowing as well as linking it to our current theme of ‘Ancient Heroes’. The children did a brilliant job of empathising with the characters and loved the opportunity to perform in front of their classmates!


Year 5 pulley it out the bag!

The children in Year 5 have been investigating pulleys in science this week. We have been able to measure the weight of an item in newtons before then testing how the use of pulleys can change the force created on the newton meter. The children tested the weight of an item using a 1, 2 and 3 pulley system and found that the more pulleys used, the easier to lift the heavy item. The children did a great job in explaining how the weight of the object was shared between the pulleys, making it easier to lift.

Numeracy Testers!

This week has seen a ‘step up’ in our numeracy work as we have started to multiply 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. We found this skill tricky to begin with but have persevered really well over the week and we are now understanding the reasons behind our workings. Our zero place value holder is crucial when using the long multiplication method for multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. Year 5- get explaining to those parents of yours what it’s all about and how to complete long multiplication!

Rocket Science!

As part of our Science Week in school, Year 5 took part in an investigation to make miniature rockets! The experiment involved using a film canister, water, wire and half a soluble tablet. A chemical reaction between the tablet and water causes the rocket to be propelled forwards. Our task was to design the most aerodynamic rocket in an attempt to finish the furthest along the wire line. The children went through the design and make stage before finally testing their rockets out! We had a great time making them. We were also fortunate enough to take part in a workshop by ‘Fizz Pop Science’ in our school hall where we used a range of materials in order to create sherbet to eat! We had a really enjoyable Science Week!

Planetarium, Greenwich

This week Year 5 made the long trip to Greenwich to visit the Royal Observatory and Planetarium. We had a great day finding out about people first recorded time and the mechanisms they used. We also viewed a show called ‘Universe On Your Doorstep’ inside the planetarium which was a fascinating insight into our place within our solar system, galaxy and the entire universe. It was a mind-boggling experience which has left us all with some interesting facts to tell our families and friends. We were also able to stand with one foot either side of the meridian line which separates east from west! The Year 5 staff would love to thank the parent helpers which attended our trip- we very much appreciate your help and time!

Literacy Freeze Frames!

In our Literacy sessions this week, we have bee looking at the text ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick. We have discussed the story line and have looked in-depth at the characters involved- specifically their thoughts and feelings based on the events that happen. We tried to put ourselves in the shoes of these characters through freeze framing to show their emotions. Here are a selection of the Year 5’s brilliant role play sequences!

The Solar System!

In Year 5 this week, we have continued our theme of ‘Space Invaders’. We have delved deep into our planet, sun and moon and have also focused on our solar system as a whole. An activity we completed involved looking at the sheer scale of the distances between the planets in our solar system. We used toilet rolls to convert these distances on to our playground- a lot of us were left speechless at the distances involved. We are enjoying our theme and continued to be amazed by the facts we are finding out!

 Year 5 2017/18

Year 5 this year will consist of Mrs Lee and Mr Brickwood in Amber Class and Mr Stuart in Bronze Class. Miss Dallen will be our shared TA. We can’t wait for an amazing year together and we are really looking forward to learning so many new things throughout all of our subjects!


Sports Day

A success! The year 5’s enjoyed their time competing in athletics and running races on the field!

For Healthy Week, year 5 got to participate in a cooking show !!

Year 5 Archery & Fencing session!


On Monday the year 5’s participated in a taster session of Archery and Fencing where they truly enjoyed themselves! Pictures attached below!


Bronze class’s Bake-off fundraiser for Starlight was a success! 160 pounds were raised!

Pictures below of the Bake-off that the children orchestrated involving the whole school! Children were able to watch as well as judge the goods that were created!

Bronze Class Fundraiser for Starlight!

On Tuesday the 23rd of May, Bronze class will be holding a bake-off in front of those who have paid 1 pound to watch them in order to raise funds for their chosen charity, Starlight. Starlight grants wishes for terminally ill children and keeps them entertained whilst in hospital. Bronze class have felt passionately about this and wanted to raise money to fund a sick child’s dream.

Come watch our Bakeoff after breaktime (10:45-12:00)

Amber Class Fair

Thursday 18th afterschool!!

Bring lots of change to purchase drinks, wooden crafts, and the bring and buy stall full of toys and books!

Year 5 trip to London Zoo

Monday 22nd May 2017

Dear Parents,

As part of our Rainforests theme, we have arranged a trip to London Zoo. There are many areas that are relevant to our theme such as The Reptile House, Butterfly Paradise, and the Rainforest section. The trip will be of huge benefit to the children’s learning and great fun.

We will be travelling to the zoo by coach. We will be leaving at 9.00am and hope to be back at Abbey by 3.15pm. Please ensure your child is in school at 8.30am on the day of the trip.

As we will be out for the day, your child will need suitable footwear, a packed lunch (no yogurts or glass bottles please) and a raincoat as we will be outdoors for most of the day. We suggest that lunches are packed in plastic bags so they can be disposed of after lunch. Children will need to be in full school uniform and will not require any spending money.


For this trip to go ahead we need to ensure we can pay for both the coach and discounted entrance fee. Therefore we are asking for a voluntary contribution of £16.


We are now asking parents to pay via Parent Pay and a letter will be sent home with your child. The payment can either be made online or with cash through local shops that have a Pay Point. If you are paying on line you will see the payment item is already there awaiting payment. If you’re paying cash through Pay Point you will need to take the Parent Pay letter and use the bar code at the bottom of the page. Please be aware the bar code is dedicated to this trip alone and should not be made for any other payment item. PLEASE NOTE THE OFFICE WILL NOT TAKE CASH PAYMENT. By making this payment you are giving consent for your child to attend. We should like to thank you in advance for your support in taking this forward.


Thank you

Miss Thompson, Mrs Davies & Ms Berardi

For international week, Year 5 Bronze class was given the country of Poland to learn about. The children created travel brochures, taste tested some Polish food, and learnt how to draw Polish embroidery patterns.The children particularly enjoyed making Polish Pajaki’s for Easter. Some are featured below.


Year 5’s have continued to write poetry on famous paintings. They have focused on using personification & similes. Here are some below:

The crunchiness of the leaves. The sun reflecting off the water as if it was looking into a mirror. The wind whistled as the trees danced. The people were visiting. The buildings were still and steady like a tall statue. The benches screamed when children sat on them.

  • Written by Doussou

The sky as black as space. People are eating at the cafe. The stars are dancing on a peaceful evening.

  • Written by James

The sun was like scorching fire. The water was a giant mirror. The green trees waved at you. The boat sped as fast as a plane. The trees were also giant umbrellas. People were as a loud as a disco. Grass was a blanket as people laid on it.

  • Written by Leo

The Year 5’s have spent a week learning about poetry and one particular poem they have been focusing on is called The Magic of the Brain. They have recreated the poem focusing on the brilliance of their “senses”. Some poems are featured here:

Such a sight I saw. The glimmering lanterns.The view of the spectacular mountains with deep waters and fresh leaves. Such a sight I saw.

Such a sound I heard. The peaceful sound of the water. The twitching of the hidden creatures. The showering of the water as it falls into the lake from the motor of the boats. Such a sound I heard.

  • Written by Doussou

Such a sight I saw. The glimmering river that reflects off the beaming and colorful lanterns. It makes me relax and imagine. Such a sight I saw. 

Such a sound I heard. The twittering of the birds flying. The breezing wind that makes me joyful. Such a sound I heard.

  • Written by Louis

Such a sight I saw. A landscape of hills and faraway seas. Butterflies flying to its pollen. It melts my heart to see the children smiling. Such a sight I saw. 

Such a touch I felt. The rough bricks that built those houses. The calm, cold water which touches my hand. I feel alive. I feel relaxed. Such a touch I felt. 

  • Written by Zuzanna

Such a sound I heard. The faint hissing of the water snakes. Fire echoing in the patterned cages. The water glistening in the moonlight. Such a sound I heard. 

Such a sight I saw. The ever-green trees. Bright colored houses tipped on the hill. Boats ready to take off through the clear water. Such a sight I saw. 

  • Written by Bo

Such a sight I saw. An immense old fashioned monument with peach colors and hollow inside. It filled me glorious pride. Such a sight I saw.

Such a sound I heard. A deafening sound roaring like a furious lion. It was revving the engine noisily when its active. Screeching annoyingly. Such a sound I heard. 

  • Written by Leo

Check out our amazing writers of the week


Well done Alfie for comparing Brazil and Poland during International Week. 


Lacey wrote a brilliant poem about light. Well done.



Well done Frankie for always doing your next steps and working hard to improve your work.  


Well done Kaysie for working hard to improve your writing. 



We started our ‘Rainforest’ theme this term and Sukaina and Hannah made a great persuasive poster as to why the rainforests are important. 


During art week we have looked at Guernica and Leo wrote a brilliant poem based on the Spanish Civil War. 



Nathaniel has written a fantastic Viking legend using brilliant vocabulary. 


Well done Daniella for writing a great Viking legend.  


Bronze: Julia wrote a brilliant opening to her Viking legend.  


Bronze: well done to Shae for using parenthesis in his writing.


Bronze: Amazing writing from Micah. Well done for using a range of sentence starters as well as pronouns.


Amber: Well Done to Harry for using accurate speech punctuation in his writing. 

Bronze: Well done to Deanna for using inverted commas and adverbs to show direct speech.

Week 7

Well done to Joseph and Thiinthamil for great writing during interventions.

Week 6

Such great writing Eden. A fantastic adventure story.


Week 5

Well done to Hallie for using great descriptions in her build up.  

Week 4

Amazing Amy is the first to get her handwriting pen in Bronze class.

Week 3

Well done Joseph for writing great facts about Jupiter. You have learnt so much.

Week 2

Kathrine for using expanded sentences when writing about Jupiter 

Week 1

Ronnie for writing a diary entry for our book Into The Forest. 


Welcome to Year 5 2015-2016

Welcome to the Year 5 blog. Throughout the year we will be posting pictures, information and we will be sharing some of the fantastic work the children do. 

Make sure you sign up to Twitter and follow us: @AbbeyPrimary1

Solar Eclipse!

We had a very exciting morning learning about the solar eclipse, even though we couldn’t see it because it was so cloudy! 

We measured the light levels, using a data logger, and predicted how dark it would be at 9.30 when it would be 85% darkness. We found out that it was in fact darker at around 9.15am with the data logger measuring 90 lux compared to the 2900 lux at 8.45am. 


Waste Week

This week has been Waste Week and the children have been learning about the ‘Rubbish Journey’. We have learnt about where different types of rubbish go and why it is important for our planet that we recycle and put rubbish into the correct bin. We then each took a pledge that we would try to achieve. Have a look at some below.

Writer of the week

We have been learning about explanation texts this week and Tahrim wrote a fantastic explanation text about ‘How The Eye Works’. Have a read below. Well done Tahrim. 


World Book Day 2015! 

Check out the amazing costumes that Year 5 pupils wore along with their favourite books! Great effort

Writer of the week

Tuba has loved learning about poetry over the last two weeks and has started to write some brilliant poems at home as well as school. For this reason, Tuba is Bronze classes writer of the week. Have a read of her brilliant poems below. 

 Writer of the week

Well done to Sameer for being Bronze class writer of the week. Sameer wrote a brilliant poem about light using many different poetry features. Have a read below.


Snow is falling!


What a great week! 

Well done to Ana, Laaibah and Jazmin for having a great week. Ana produced some great writing this week, focusing on persuasive writing, where she wrote about a trip to Jamaica. Laaibah brought in a football award from home which was great to see and Jazmin won the lunchtime award for being polite and helpful all week. Well done girls! 

Why not read Ana’s amazing writing:


IMG_0537Congratulations to the girls of Bronze Class for a great week!  

Around the World

This term we have been learning about ‘Around the World’. Winusa from Bronze class has written a short description about what we have been doing.

‘In Around the World we have been learning about loads of different countries and making posters,leaflets about our chosen country. All the children in our class have been doing African dance routines to show the teacher and the rest of the class.Some of the children brought in some items from around the world to show and tell. Every student worked hard together.’ Winusa


Christmas Concert

This year we will be performing a Christmas concert on Wednesday 17th December. To practise at home, please find the links to the lyric videos below. 

Shakin Stevens, Snow Is Falling –

Wizard, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday –

Lily Allen, Somewhere Only We Know –  



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