Think About It!

If elephants could talk, what would you ask them?  We enjoyed some of these questions: Have you ever forgotten anything?  (Mrs Bedforth). How long have you lived? (Lily in Barnardo).  What is your birthday? (Aimee in Barnardo).  What’s the latest elephant song hit? (anon).

There were no correct answers for this month’s mystery picture.


Outdoor Gym Equipment

We are very excited to have our new outdoor gym equipment up and running – each piece of equipment exercises a different part of  the body.  The children are enjoying using it in all weathers to improve their fitness.

Daily Mile Winners for Autumn 1

Well done on continuing to try your best in your Daily Mile laps and increasing your efforts each week!

Picasso – Benjamin                Mandela – Lucas

Darwin – Queenie                  Peake- Freddie

Nightingale – Jack                  Barnardo – Dany

Pepys – Sami                          Mahala – Shivakar

Frank – Akiil

Parks – Alanas

Curie – Ruchindra

Edison – Luckshran

Abbey Primary School receives Bronze Award for TFL Primary Stars!

Our school has been working hard to ensure children are walking to school and staying active outside of school hours with our Walk to School initiative taking place in our classrooms! TFL thought so too and we have received a Bronze Award for our efforts!TFL Bronze level accredidation

Abbey Primary receives Silver Award for an amazing year of PE!


Think about it!

This half term we asked, ‘What is the meaning of life?’  We got some great responses. Aimee thinks, ‘life is a game, it has many paths and the whole point of it is to LEARN about mistakes AND TO ENJOY!’  Lexie and Faith B think life is ‘happiness’.  Faith thinks it is about love.  Rosie thinks life is to have a fun time.  We agree with all of you!

Mystery Picture – this half terms mystery picture was of a giraffe – well done to all those who got it right!

Have a great summer everyone.  See you in September.


Sports Day results

Now we have had the Y5/6 Sports Day we have the final results of our competition.

They are as follows:

Y1 / Y2 competition 

runners up – Farah

winners – Ennis-Hill

Y3 / Y4 competition

runners up – Weir

winners – Simmonds

Y5 / Y6 competition

runners up – Simmonds

winners – Weir

Overall winners were Weir with 98 points.  

A massive well done to everyone who took part and a huge thank you to everyone who came to support the children.