Think about it!

This half term we asked, ‘What is the meaning of life?’  We got some great responses. Aimee thinks, ‘life is a game, it has many paths and the whole point of it is to LEARN about mistakes AND TO ENJOY!’  Lexie and Faith B think life is ‘happiness’.  Faith thinks it is about love.  Rosie thinks life is to have a fun time.  We agree with all of you!

Mystery Picture – this half terms mystery picture was of a giraffe – well done to all those who got it right!

Have a great summer everyone.  See you in September.


Sports Day results

Now we have had the Y5/6 Sports Day we have the final results of our competition.

They are as follows:

Y1 / Y2 competition 

runners up – Farah

winners – Ennis-Hill

Y3 / Y4 competition

runners up – Weir

winners – Simmonds

Y5 / Y6 competition

runners up – Simmonds

winners – Weir

Overall winners were Weir with 98 points.  

A massive well done to everyone who took part and a huge thank you to everyone who came to support the children.

Healthy Schools Week Activities

Sports Day A Success!

Sports Day Tomorrow!

8.45am – 10.15am – Years 3 and 4                                                             red bibs – Ennis Hill sports house

10.30am – 12.00pm – Years 5 and 6                                                          blue bibs – Farah sports house

1.15pm – 2.45pm – Years 1 and 2                                                         yellow bibs –  Simmonds  sports house

green bibs – Weir


For the first hour the children will complete six different activities around the field, competing for points in their sports houses.  The points will be totalled throughout the day.  The winning house will be presented with the Sports Day trophy in assembly next week.

For the last half an hour, the children will compete individually in flat running races; the winner of each race will receive a medal.

This year, parents will be positioned in the middle of the field.  You will be able to move around this area to follow your child as they complete their activities, however; due to health and safety requirements we do request that you stay within this parent designated area.  Many thanks.

We hope you enjoy watching your child. Capture

Think about it!

Last half term we asked, ‘What are the qualities of a good friend?’  We had some great answers, a few of these were: sticks by you in any situation (Erin Y6); honesty (Isabella, Y6 and several other anonymous posts); having a sense of humor and good listening skills  (Morayo and Louise); and kindness, good listening, honesty, funny and forgiving (Hasi, Y5).  Well done all of you that answered.

Mystery picture

Our mystery picture this time was mashed potato with pepper on it – well done to Erin, Ethan and Morayo.

Abbey Primary Sports Day

Sports Day 2018

Dear Parents,

This year’s Sports Day is on Thursday 14th June and is an inter-sports group competition for years 1-6. The children will compete in their usual sports groups (Ennis-Hill, Farah, Weir and Simmonds)

Year 3 and 4 will compete between 8.45 and 10.15am.

Year 5 and 6 will compete between 10.30 and 12.00pm

Year 1 and 2 will compete between 1.15 and 2.45pm

All the children will compete in a series of sports activities around the outside of the field; they will then compete in a traditional flat running race.

Your child will need to wear their normal outdoor PE kit (t-shirt, shorts and trainers). They will also need to bring a water bottle, sun hat and be wearing sun tan lotion (weather dependent!).

Parents are most welcome to come and support the children in the roped off area whilst they are competing. We look forward to seeing you at another exciting Sports Day!

Kind regards,

The Abbey Primary teachers