Year 1

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Academic Year 2017/18

Our Team: Miss Skinner, Miss Arnold, Miss Whetren, Mrs Hamilton-Lee, Mrs Foley, Miss Thompson & Mrs Pritchard


Santa’s Mixed Up Martian

Today the children visited the Wimbledon Studio Theatre where they saw a special Santa show. They loved joining in with the songs and dancing. At the end of the performance they got the chance to meet Father Christmas where they gave him the letter that they had written him. When we got back to school everyone enjoyed a well deserved picnic! Everyone had such a lovely morning and the children made us all so proud!!!


Miss Whetren received an urgent call from Father Christmas explaining that there was a shortage of candy canes this year!! Before home time on Tuesday the children had great fun planting the candy cane seeds to help out Santa!! We hope they grow.



Today the Pantomime came to school!! Year One and Two had such fun watching the performance.



The Children enjoyed having their Christmas Dinner at school today!



Today Christmas arrived at school. The children had great fun decorating their classrooms and meeting the Elves that will be watching them and reporting back to Santa!!


Thank you to everyone who donated items to our class hampers. Remember you can purchase a raffle ticket from the class teacher for £1.

Red Class Hamper – Left. Orange Class Hamper – Right.


This week the children put their addition and subtraction skills to the test in order to find the missing numbers. They had to decide how to solve the problem and whether they needed to add or subtract the numbers that they had. The children have loved being presented with this challenge and are becoming fabulous mathematics. They are able to explain their workings and prove their answers in a variety of ways which is showing the depth of understanding that they have about the numbers that they are working with.


Today we had great fun raising money for Children in Need. Thank you to everyone that contributed. We all went to the hall to watch and sing in the A-Factor. We especially liked singing Let it Go from Frozen and Can’t Stop the Feeling from Trolls! Thank you to Year 6 for planning it.


This week we have also been thinking about the importance of kindness and friendship during anti-bullying week. As a class we each made a circle of friendship and discussed why we should always be kind to everyone to ensure that nobody feels left out or different.





We kicked our topic off last week with an amazing Paleontologist day! Thank you for all of the effort that you made with your outfits. The children had a great time searching for fossils and finding out what they are.

This week we also attended a Science Workshop where we thought about our taste buds. We tasted things that were bitter, sour, salty and sweet. We then made our own sherbet which we got to take home.




This week we have been using the part-whole model in maths to support addition. We have also been talking about our local area and how to find our school and homes on the local map.





Academic Year 2016/17 Red Class: Miss Sin & Miss Thompson & Mrs Hamilton-Lee

Academic Year 2016/17 Orange Class: Miss Bogle & Sandra, Mrs Kift & Mrs Pritchard

Wow! What an amazing day we have had!  I loved finding out what the children want to be when they grow up and to watch them run around the field to raise money for such a great cause.  Take a look at some of the photos!


Thank you to everyone who paid for the workshop! It was amazing.  The children had so much fun and did not want to leave!  They took part in lots of drama and really showed off their imaginative side.

Our workshop is coming up- please if you have not paid and wish for your child to attend please can the money be given into the office… the children are very excited for tomorrow!  The workshop is in school and the children do not have to bring anything other than if they wish to wear a pirate hat.  We will post photos to follow.

Also we have our FUN RUN on Friday!  We cannot wait to see all of the children dressed up as what they want to be when they are older and take part in the sponsored run!  We will be taking sponsor forms and money in from Friday!

Wow, what a busy week we have!  The school fair is coming up.  Have an amazing time- we can’t wait to hear about what the children loved.


Thank you to everybody who attended the Bingo at school on Friday night.  It sounded like an amazing evening and I can’t wait to attend the next one.

It was a big week for Orange Class this week as for the second time only this year we won the attendance cup and to top it off we were the first class to get 100%.  We were so excited and can’t wait to look after the trophy all week!

Just a little reminder, please remember to read with your children at home.  We have recently introduced adding an extra 5 golden minutes for those children who have read 4 or more times at home!  




Another busy week!  Last week in Literacy we have been looking at writing instructions. We looked at how to plant a plant and then followed a child’s instructions to see if they included all of the important steps.  They did brilliantly!  This week we are going to look at many different reasons to write instructions such as how to run a bath, how to make cakes, how to build a lego house.

In Maths we looked at measuring!  We learnt how to measure length using a ruler, measure capacity and measure weight.  The children even had a go at measuring themselves and we found out who the tallest and shortest members of Year 1 are. 

We also had Explore Learning come in and visit Year One.  The children loved it and the teachers could not believe how amazing all of the children were!  They showed off their amazing Maths skills and did us all proud.

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely Easter.  The children have been sharing some of the wonderful things you all got up to!

Since being back, we have already achieved so much in Year 1.  In Maths, we have been looking at writing our numbers correctly in both numerals and words.  The children were brilliant.  I know writing numbers in words is tricky, but for those finding the spellings challenging we used word mats to help us and began to recognise the correct words.

During Literacy, we started our new theme ‘The Secret Garden’.  We began by looking at poetry- carefully focusing on similes and rhyming poems.  The children had a go at performing a poem- what great actors they were- as well as writing their own.

Also, thank you to everybody who took the time to work alongside their child to complete a project! They were brilliant.  They are now on display outside the classroom for the rest of the school to see.  Well done to our project winners!


Have an amazing Easter everybody!

Last week already! Time flies when you’re having fun.  Thank you to everyone who paid for their child to come on the trip and prepared them a packed lunch.  We had an amazing day at Painshill Park and great weather for it too.  First, we went on on a pirate treasure hunt around the park using clues to help us get to the next place.  After walking a long way we arrived at the treasure and each of us dug up a bouncy ball.  After lunch, we then went on an adult led activity.  A storyteller had several props and we participated in lots of activities such as building houses for the three little pigs.


This week we have been reading the story ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’.  We wrote our own stories and shared them with the class.  We then ordered a set of instructions of how to plant a bean.  The children’s favourite part of the week was the Science experiment they undertook.  The children made predictions about whether or not the bean would grow if they used water, oil, shampoo, coke, orange juice and then had a go at planting a bean and soaking the soil with on the liquids.  We now have monitors in the class who soak the bean everyday waiting to see if any of them grow.  Have a look through our windows, they are on the window seal!



The children are very excited today, it is DISCO day!



Another busy week in Year 1.  This week we have been reading the story The Gingerbread Man.  The children have ordered the story and had a go at writing the middle with the focus of adjectives.  What a great job they did.  They also designed their own Gingerbread Man because next week we are going to be writing instructions and making our own!  

In Maths,  we have been learning about halving and quartering.  We began looking at shapes to help the children visualise it and we are moving on to quantities today.  

Just a quick reminder:  The school trip email has been sent out, please remember we cannot take any cash, it should all be paid over the internet.  Thank you!  


What a great day we had yesterday!!  The children looked fantastic in their dressing up costumes and love pretending to be the character all day.  Thank you to you all for buying, making or putting together an outfit to make the children’s day memorable.

The children took some selfies on the camera!

Please check your emails for information about the next school trip!

This week in school we have been reading the story The Enormous Turnip.  The children have looked carefully at the story, created a story map and then wrote the beginning of the story.  

The children were so excited about pancake day on Tuesday.  We spoke about pancake day and lent.  We then designed our own pancakes and made our own.


In Maths our focus has been length.  We began by looking at non standard measurement using cubes, making an estimate first.  We then taught the children standard measurement- how to use a ruler accurately to the whole and 0.5 of a number.  

Wow! What a great first week back we have had!  Thank you for spending your time over the half term to create a project with your child!  The children loved sharing them and now are now using them to act out the stories.

Thank you to everybody for the great traditional tale costumes too!  It is World Book Day next Thursday- why not wear those costumes again?

Yesterday we also went to watch the Year 4 Drumming Performance!  The children loved listening to the different instruments being played and they can’t wait to have their turn!

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely half term!

Last half term we were so busy, the children really enjoyed the topic ‘Jurassic World’ and are now able to share lots of information about dinosaurs.  Thank you to the parents who let their children bring in books, toys etc.  They made our classroom a lot more engaging and the children enjoyed sharing them with their friends.

This half term our topic is ‘Once Upon A Time’ where we will be looking at traditional tales.  We can’t wait to see you all in your costumes tomorrow!  We are also looking into booking our school trip for this topic and we will keep you updated.

Thank you to everyone who has sent their child’s costume in for the school play.  If you have not done so already please send it in as soon as possible.

This week in Maths we continued to look at money.  We went shopping in the classroom and bought two items.  We then had a go at adding them together using our heads or number lines.  We also looked at giving change by subtracting an item from an out of money!  We then started to use our adding and subtracting skills by working out worded problems!  The children did great!

During theme we have looked at materials.  We read the story ‘What if rain boots were made of paper?’.  The children then thought of their own questions and we had a go at predicting what would happen and then had a go at testing it.  One of our favourite questions was ‘What is a boat was made out of paper?’.


Lastly, thank you to everybody who brought in money for children in need.  We have had a great time.  On Thursday we went up to the hall and contributed to the big money pudsey and this afternoon we went outside and took part in the obstacle course on the field.  The children has so much fun and were brilliant at balancing on some of the equipment.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of the obstacle course as we were too busy taking part too!!



Thank you to everybody who has returned the school trip letter with money!  It is such an exciting trip and we cannot wait to meet Santa on Thursday 15th December.

Also a big thank you to everybody who brought something into school for mufti day to go towards our Christmas present shop that the Year 6’s run!

As you aware, we have started our Christmas play rehearsals. Please learn the lines with your child at home if you can! Thank you!

Wow, what another busy week!  This week we have been reading the story The Great Pet Sale so it was lovely when the children brought in their pets.  We made a shop and pretended to buy our pets using real money.  We continued to look at money this week and the children have been fantastic and adding up amounts! 

We were also very lucky this week to have a taster Spanish lesson!  The children were great and learnt how to say hello, how are you and respond to the question.  We loved it.  It was also lovely to see some children show off their fluent speaking in Spanish! Well done Mateo!

On Thursday we had the disco!  The children all looked lovely in their outfits and danced the afternoon away whilst enjoying lots of sweets and drinks.  

Today, (Friday 11th Novemember)  Year 1 spent the morning learning about Remembrance Day and made our own poppies.  We then went outside with the rest of the school to take part in a 1 minute silence. 

We hope you all had a lovely half term!  Thank you for all your amazing projects!!  What a first week back! We have had Science week and we’ve had so much fun.  We have been SUPER SCIENTISTS!

First we looked at a range of materials and took part in lots of activities related.  Our favourite was making our own superhero capes.  We spoke about what materials would keep us dry, warm, cool etc.

We then recieved a letter from Kristoff (the bad guy in Frozen) to say that he had captured our friends in ice and it was our duty to save them.  We went on to disucss how we could melt the ice!  Some suggestions “Use a hairdryer”, “Put it outside” and “Pour hot water over it”.  Then some of us had a go at an experiment.  We predicted whether we thought salt, flour, oil or soap would melt the ice and the result was that salt melts the ice really quickly!  What a fun day!  

Yesterday we moved on to look at sound!  We played a game to see if we could guess the sounds and the children were brilliant!  We then made our own super hero telephones and passed super messages through them!!

What a fun week!  In Maths we looked at super counting and finding out about money!  The children focused on identifying the coins and understanding the value.

We had so much fun learning about Harvest at school.  Look at the lovely baskets we made.  Also a huge thank you to everyone who donated lots of food!


This week we started our week with a crime scene!  An EvilPpea had messed up our classroom and the Supertato came in to save the day!  The children spent the week writing missing letters, crime scene reports and even making traps to catch the Evil Pea.


Last week we looked at the famous story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We looked at lots of fruit and completed lots of activities to do with the story.

Our class favourite was making our own fruit salad or kebab and eating it in the classroom! The children loved it!


Both Mrs Vietri and I have loved our theme topic ‘Me & You, You & Me’ and particularly enjoyed finding out about all of your families!    Thanks to everyone who brought in family photos.

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

07/10/16 This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Vivien in Orange ClassWell done!!

Image result for writer of the weekWriter of the Week:

07/10/16 Congratulations to Thomas in Red Class and Fernando in Orange Class.

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

30/09/16 This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Jayda and Preston in Orange Class and Alanas in Red Class. Well done!!

Image result for writer of the weekWriter of the Week:

30/09/16 Congratulations to Laura in Red Class and Faith in Orange Class.

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

23/09/16 This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Oscar in Red Class and Rafael and Taylor in Orange Class. Well done!!

Image result for writer of the weekWriter of the Week:

23/09/16 Congratulations to Nilakshika in Red Class and Charlie and Emaan in Orange Class.

Image result for good work 16/9/16 Thank you for all the projects that were completed over the summer holidays. The children loved sharing their projects about ‘YOU&ME,ME&YOU’ and we enjoyed looking at all of them. Well done to the project winners who received their book token prizes in Celebration Assembly.

Welcome to Year 1 2015-2016 

Red Class – Mrs Vietri & Sandra & Mrs Kift

Orange Class – Miss Bogle & Mrs Thompson & Kelly

Sports Day is on Tuesday 28th June 2016 and is an inter-house competition for Year 1-6. Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 will compete between 9:00am and 10:30am. Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 will compete between 10:50am and 12.20pm. Your child will need to come to school wearing their PE Kits with the t-shirt colour that represents their house. Your child will also need to bring a water bottle, sun hat and be wearing sun tan lotion. Parents are most welcome to come and support the children whilst they are competing. We look forward to seeing you at another exciting Sports Day!

24/6/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Ronnie from Orange Class for using adverbs of time as well as Wynne from Red Class for her recount.

24/05/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Posi from Red Class and Sasa from Orange Class for their enthusiasm in Healthy Week.

17/06/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Amy L from Red Class and Franky from Orange Class for their wonderful behaviour on our school trip.

22/6/16 Healthy Week @ Abbey Primary

We have been getting fit and healthy this week! On Tuesday we took part in a healthy workshop where we learnt lots of interesting facts about fruits, vegetables, exercise and how to stay safe and healthy at home.  All the children took part and learnt a lot. After lunch on Wednesday we took part in a fitness workshop. It kept us very busy, active and it was a lot of fun! Please continue to fill in your 5-a-day diaries and stick them into your home learning book. They will be looked at on Tuesday.  

13/6/16 Walk the Plank @ Chessington – Year One Day Out

We had a wonderful day out at Chessington walking under the sea, looking at the different creatures that are found on the beach, tidal pools, in the deep dark depths of the ocean and having lunch with the penguins. The children were amazing! We were so proud of the Abbey children today 🙂 Thank you to all our parent helpers who came with us.

9/6/16 International Week – Germany

6/6/16Walk the Plank Projects…

20/5/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Isla from Orange Class for writing a lovely story as well as Tiffany from Red Class for her story starter.

20/05/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Wynne from Red Class and Dushanth from Orange Class.

We have been reading our class novels daily in school. Feel free to do a spot of class novel reading during the next 2 weeks so that you can be in the same place as us in class. 

wb 16/5 We have used this website to help the children with their Kung Fu Punctuation. Here is the website we have been using in class for you to access at home due to the popular demand of the children.

13/5/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Evie from Orange Class as well as Carly from Red Class for their improvement in handwriting.

13/05/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Ruchindra from Red Class.

 13/5/16 Mathletics Super Stars! Well done to Adam, Posi and Jayden from Red Class. Well done to Fatima and Divyesh from Orange Class.

wb 13/5/16 Design &  Technology Making a Fruit Salad …

This week the children have had a lovely time in our Theme Lessons! We have tasted a selection of fruits and ranked our top 3 favourites, designed which fruits were going to go into our fruit salads and finally created our individual tasty fruit salads.  

Reminders: Any outstanding trip money needs to be paid before Friday 20th May. Please bring your money and reply slip to school in a named envelope. Please bring a light weight raincoat to school for those unpredictable showers because the children will still go out for morning playtime. Remember to bring in a sun hat for those glorious sunny days as the children are outside at lunchtimes and afternoon play times. 

6/05/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Ethan from Red Class.

6/5/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Ben from Orange Class as well as Luckshran from Red Class for their lovely instructions.

22/04/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Budde from Orange Class as well as Raven from Red Class for their lovely instructions.

22/04/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Chloe from Red Class.


21/04/16 Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday ‘Street Party’ Celebrations

15/04/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Simisola from Red Class as well as Ben from Orange Class for their beautiful set of instructions.

15/04/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Tiffany from Red Class.

11/4/16 Easter Holiday Projects: Her Majesty the Queen! Your projects are lovely, Mrs Vietri and Miss Bogle are super impressed at all of your creations. Well done everybody!

18/03/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Aisha from Orange Class as well as Ruchindra from Red Class for their lovely non-chronological reports.

18/03/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Simisola from Red Class.

11/03/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Aaron from Red Class for beautiful handwriting.

11/03/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Amy-Jocelyn from Red Class.

Jurassic World – the adventure continues…we have been excavating dinosaur fossils at school. (Spring 2 theme)

Jurassic World Project Winners

Well done to this term’s project winners who received a book token prize.

Orange Class winners were Fatima, Jake S and Justina

Red Class winners were Amy, Jayden and Chloe


It was amazing to see so many book characters at Abbey Primary on Thursday. We enjoyed a reading safari, poetry assembly and guess who?  

Jurassic World- as an entry point to our new theme the children came to school dressed as Paleontologist.

Jurassic World Projects – they are amazing! Well done everybody!

Happy Half Term Everybody, we look forward to seeing everyone back at school on the Tuesday 23rd February. Remember your projects 🙂 

wb8/02/16 ART WEEK: Garden by Joan Miro


This painting inspired the children to write a story about the creatures they could see and in our Theme lessons, the children created their own ‘Garden’ picture using a variety of paints, pastels, wax crayons, felt tips and pencils.



12/02/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Tilly from Orange Class as well as Simisola from Red Class.

12/02/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Carly from Red Class and Jake S from Orange Class.

Once Upon A Time: Beauty and the Beast – Polka Theatre School Trip 5/02/16

We were very proud of the Year One children on this school trip. They were extremely well behaved on the bus as well as in the theatre. We loved our picnic packed lunches and the show was amazing! Thank you to the parent helpers who accompanied us on today’s trip. It was much appreciated.


Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood… 

… after reading Little Red Riding Hood, we had a go at making our own baskets for a walk through the wood. The children had to weave the different coloured paper-strips through their baskets to create the woven look. Here is a collection of our baskets. 

Once Upon A Time: The Gingerbread Man…

…the children had great fun this week, making gingerbread biscuits- 

sewing gingerbread puppets and designing their own gingerbread men –

25/01/16 Congratulations to our Writers of the Week:  Aisha and Oliver from Orange Class as well as Freddie and Mahi from Red Class.

25/01/16 Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Joshua from Red Class and Amy from Orange Class.

Happy New Year to Year One families. We are looking forward to the term ahead.  Our new topic is ‘Once Upon A Time’.

The children have enjoyed learning about ‘Jack & the Beanstalk, The Enormous Turnip and The Gingerbread Man’ to name but a few.  We have had a dress up day to kick start our topic and we have painted, sang and played musical instruments, had a food tasting session and we will be baking, sewing, and weaving.

Congratulations to our Writers of the Week: Lavinia and Alfie from Orange Class as well as Liam and Vivien from Red Class. 

Congratulations to our Brain the Brain Cell recipients: Alfie and Lavinia from Orange Class.


Year One have been getting into the Christmas spirit over the last fortnight! Have a look at what we have been up to…

30/11/15 We have written our letters to Father Christmas and posted them in our magic postbox outside our classrooms.  The elves came and collected our letters and handed them over to the workshop at the North Pole. 

IMG_9432 IMG_9433 IMG_9434 IMG_9437 IMG_6777 IMG_6780

4/12/15 We went to Wimbledon Theatre to watch the production ‘Santa and the Night Before Christmas’ and the children were very excited to meet Father Christmas and tell him that they have all been very good this year. 

IMG_6790 IMG_6794 IMG_6797 IMG_6802 IMG_6806 IMG_6809 IMG_6814 IMG_6824 IMG_6831 IMG_6835 IMG_6842 IMG_6843 IMG_6848 IMG_6850 IMG_6856 IMG_6859 IMG_6860 IMG_6861 IMG_6864 IMG_6866 IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6870 IMG_6871 IMG_6873 IMG_6874 IMG_6876 IMG_6879 IMG_6883 IMG_6884 IMG_6885 IMG_6887 IMG_6888

11/12/15 Thank you to all the parents who came to support our Christmas play this week. The children loved showing off all the songs that we have been practicing over the last few weeks! 

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Aaron and Tilly for writing a wonderful letter to their friends Well done!

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Mahi for writing a lovely letter and Rosie for trying her best. Well done!!

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Luke for his wonderful Anti-Bullying Poem and  Divyesh  for writing his own poem as well as setting it out correctly. Well done!

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Skyla for blending beautifully in Guided Reading and Ronnie for staying focused on his maths activity. Well done!!

Project Winners! 

This term our 3 project winners for wonderful materials boards are: Franky, Fatima and Oliver in Orange Class and in Red Class it was Simisola, Umar and Mahi.

13/11/15 – Bug Club reading books have been updated on line. Please log on to see your new reading books. We will be awarding ‘super reader certificates’ at the end of this half term for children who have read all their allocated books.

13/11/15 – Christmas Rehearsals have began. Please see your child’s costume letter to see who they are in our play. Start to practising your lines….

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Joshua and Harley for hearing rhyming words in our Poetry writing. Well done!

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Amy-J and Tilly for doing so well in our first full run through of the Christmas Play. Well done!!

13/11/15 – Thank you to everyone who bought in their shoes. We had a wonderful lesson on Thursday discussing the different materials and thinking about the best season to wear our specific shoes.

 Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Sasa for using her sounds in her writing and Wynne for a beautiful handwriting. Well done!

IMG_0045 Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Luckshran for perseverance in Numeracy and Divyesh for always trying his best . Well done!!

Science Week: Colour Chaos!

On Wednesday afternoon the children were given the opportunity to investigate science experiments that involved colour.  In Red Class the experiment was CATCH A RAINBOW and in Orange Class the experiment was RAINBOW STRIPS.  A lot of fun was had by all the children…

IMG_9181 IMG_9182 IMG_9183 IMG_9184 IMG_9186 IMG_9191IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9189IMG_9200 IMG_9190  IMG_9192 IMG_9195 IMG_9198   IMG_9204 IMG_9205


Through the Time Machine…

Today the children looked amazing in all their costumes. It was lovely to see so many children coming through the time machine. Here are some of their outfits:


Materials Half -Term Projects…

Thank you to all the children who completed the materials board project. On Tuesday we shared all our projects with each other and the teachers have used all the projects to create a display in the corridor. You are welcome to come and have a look. 

IMG_6583 IMG_6584 IMG_6585 IMG_6586 IMG_6587 IMG_6588 IMG_6589 IMG_6591 IMG_6593 IMG_6596 IMG_6597 IMG_6598 IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6601 IMG_6602 IMG_6603 IMG_6605 IMG_6607 IMG_9139 IMG_9141 IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9150 IMG_9151 IMG_9152 IMG_9153 IMG_9155 IMG_9156 IMG_9157 IMG_9158 IMG_9159 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9167 IMG_9170 IMG_9172 IMG_9175

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Amy L  for using adjectives in her writing  and Christina for a beautiful piece of writing. Well done!

IMG_0045Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Callum and Rose. Well done!!

Image result for rugby world cupAbbey’s Rugby World Cup!

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, Abbey Primary held our very own tournament this week. All the classes across the school we allocated a participating country from the World Cup and in turn took to the field to compete in an intra-class rugby tournament. The children had a ball! Congratulations to our 2 PE certificate winners Ethan (Red Class) and Scott (Orange Class). There were some good tackles, passes and some of us even looked like proper ruby players battered and bruised! Here are some photographs of the rugby action…

IMG_9097 IMG_9098 IMG_9105 IMG_9108 IMG_9114 IMG_9111 IMG_9113

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Amy-Joycelyn and Olivia for using connectives in their writing. Well done!

IMG_0045Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Jayden and Jake R. Well done!!

Around the World:

On Wednesday the children shared their special objects from their countries of origin. It was lovely to hear the children speak so confidently about their objects.

IMG_9060 IMG_9061 IMG_9062 IMG_9063 IMG_9064 IMG_9065 IMG_9066 IMG_9067 IMG_9068 IMG_9069 IMG_9070 IMG_9071 IMG_9072 IMG_9073 IMG_9077 IMG_9078IMG_6477IMG_6486IMG_6487IMG_6488IMG_6489

Autumn is here…please ensure your child has a coat to wear for play and lunchtimes.

If you would like your child to wear jogging bottoms for outside PE, please make sure you send them into school with your child’s name inside. The jogging bottoms will live in your child’s PE kit.

IMG_0045Brian the Brain Cell:

This week Brian the Brain cell went home with Liam and Aisha. Well done!!

Writer of the Week:

This week our writers of the week were Precious for here sounds and Justina for remembering to use her finger spaces. 


We are looking forward to seeing all of your different objects for our display table on Wednesday when the children bring in their items from their country of origin.  

RE DAY: Judaism

On Wednesday we had RE day. Throughout the day the children spent time learning about this faith. There were opportunities to handle artifacts, watch a video, listen to a story and picture talk about various Jewish celebrations.

Brian the Brain Cell


Every week we will be choosing two children in year One to take home Brian the Brain Cell for the weekend, he comes back to school on Mondays. This is awarded to any child that puts in a lot of effort during lessons. So far Luke, Rosie, Budde, Posi, Aaron, and Amy R have taken him home – well done!

Writer of the Week

In Orange Class the writer of last week was Kishani and the writer of this week is Ali for his exciting sentence starters – well done! In Red Class the writer of last week was Adam Daines for using capital letters and full stops correctly and this week it is Ethan Fitzgerald for using full stops correctly – well done! All of their work will be displayed in the gym on the ‘Wow Wall’.

You & Me, Me & You!

This week Year One have been looking at how we can stay healthy and what our bodies need to stay healthy. The children have started to practise for our fitness video that we will be filming later this month. After learning about a good healthy balanced diet and looking at where fruits and vegetables grow, they children were given a free-flow afternoon which enabled them to interact in a variety of fruity activities such as making fruit kebabs. It was a lot of fun!


 Writer of the Week

Each week we celebrate a ‘Writer of the Week’.  In Orange Class the writers of the week were Manal and Ronnie – well done! In Red Class the writers of the week were Ruchindra and Vivien – well done! All of their work will be displayed in the gym on the ‘Wow Wall’.

You & Me, Me & You!

So far in our first theme this term we have been learning about ourselves, our families, Picasso style artwork, self portraits, and body percussion. We are looking forward to investigating You & Me, Me & You in more detail as this term continues.

Book Week

Our first week in Year One was Book Week. We looked at a book written by Anthony Browne. Our book focus was ‘SILLY BILLY’. We have looked through the book and completed lots of activities including various writing activities, picture talk, making and painting worry dolls. All the children enjoyed reading this book.



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  1. Hello – I love reading the blog but haven’t seen any pictures of Sidney on it yet! Is he on the media list? Thanks

  2. What an amazing year one have had so far. Sooooo much creative work gone on! Would love to see some contribution from my daughter on here though as I’m a full time working mum.

  3. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the photos

  4. COOL projects and soo little it must have took ages they worked VERY hard!!! 🙂

  5. nice circus tents

  6. Looks like fun!!! enjoy your next theme topic I miss year 1 so much!!!!!

  7. you might want to go to the musium i really like year 1 you are coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  8. I like the musum

  9. wow clowns

  10. I LOVE THE NATLUE HIS MUSUM you are so lucky

  11. Mmmm… I’m beginning to think where I should go for my summer holidays, any ideas?

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