Year 1

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Academic Year 2018/19

Our Team: Miss Skinner, Miss Arnold, Miss Whetren, Mrs Foley & Miss Thompson


This week the children have learnt about Beyonce as a part of Black History Week. They loved learning about her campaign to get children moving in schools and learnt different movements and actions that they could do to keep fit and healthy.


What a fun week we have had learning about South Africa and Japan! Thank you to those who were able to come in and share the learning with the children. We loved being creative and learning about where the countries are in the world. It was good for the children to think about different cultures and they spent time thinking about the different food that are eaten in the countries that they were learning about.


We have had an excellent start to the new year! This half term we have been learning about ourselves and our families in our topic ‘You and Me, Me and You’. The children have loved sharing facts about themselves and it has been a lovely way for us all to get to know each other in our new classes. In numeracy the children have been thinking carefully about numbers and have started to use the language greater than and less than when comparing numbers and amounts. 

Academic Year 2017/18

Our Team: Miss Skinner, Miss Arnold, Miss Whetren, Mrs Hamilton-Lee, Mrs Foley, Miss Thompson & Mrs Pritchard

Summer Term

What a fun start to the term we have had! Year One loved being creative and designing their own gardens. They had fun planting seeds – we can’t wait to see the sunflowers once they start to grow! 

To launch out new topic ‘Walk the Plank’ the children enjoyed getting in character and dressing up as pirates r people who work on the sea! Thank you for all your effort!

Spring Term

During the Spring term we were busy learning all about materials and stories. We had a great time retelling known stories and creating our own endings! 


ART WEEK – Pop Art

This week the children have created their own artwork in the style of Andy Warhol. We found out about the artist and explored some of the work that he has created. We then created our own background with tissue paper and used bright colours to colour our London Landmarks. We put them together as a class collage which is displayed outside the classrooms.


Boat Designs

Today the children created boats that they had designed. They looked back to their plans that they had made and carefully used recycled materials to make their boats. Later in the week the children will test their boats and evaluate their creation.


iWonder Space Workshops

The Children had a lovely time thinking about how people help us and how they can help others.


Today was party day! The children had fun joining in with party games including musical bumps, musical statues and pass the parcel. We listened to Christmas songs and enjoyed some party food together.



Today we participated in Christmas Jumper Day and raised money for Save the Children. We loved wearing our Christmas jumpers in school.



Santa’s Mixed Up Martian

Today the children visited the Wimbledon Studio Theatre where they saw a special Santa show. They loved joining in with the songs and dancing. At the end of the performance they got the chance to meet Father Christmas where they gave him the letter that they had written him. When we got back to school everyone enjoyed a well deserved picnic! Everyone had such a lovely morning and the children made us all so proud!!!


Miss Whetren received an urgent call from Father Christmas explaining that there was a shortage of candy canes this year!! Before home time on Tuesday the children had great fun planting the candy cane seeds to help out Santa!! We hope they grow.



Today the Pantomime came to school!! Year One and Two had such fun watching the performance.



The Children enjoyed having their Christmas Dinner at school today!



Today Christmas arrived at school. The children had great fun decorating their classrooms and meeting the Elves that will be watching them and reporting back to Santa!!


Thank you to everyone who donated items to our class hampers. Remember you can purchase a raffle ticket from the class teacher for £1.

Red Class Hamper – Left. Orange Class Hamper – Right.


This week the children put their addition and subtraction skills to the test in order to find the missing numbers. They had to decide how to solve the problem and whether they needed to add or subtract the numbers that they had. The children have loved being presented with this challenge and are becoming fabulous mathematics. They are able to explain their workings and prove their answers in a variety of ways which is showing the depth of understanding that they have about the numbers that they are working with.


Today we had great fun raising money for Children in Need. Thank you to everyone that contributed. We all went to the hall to watch and sing in the A-Factor. We especially liked singing Let it Go from Frozen and Can’t Stop the Feeling from Trolls! Thank you to Year 6 for planning it.


This week we have also been thinking about the importance of kindness and friendship during anti-bullying week. As a class we each made a circle of friendship and discussed why we should always be kind to everyone to ensure that nobody feels left out or different.





We kicked our topic off last week with an amazing Paleontologist day! Thank you for all of the effort that you made with your outfits. The children had a great time searching for fossils and finding out what they are.

This week we also attended a Science Workshop where we thought about our taste buds. We tasted things that were bitter, sour, salty and sweet. We then made our own sherbet which we got to take home.




This week we have been using the part-whole model in maths to support addition. We have also been talking about our local area and how to find our school and homes on the local map.





Academic Year 2016/17 Red Class: Miss Sin & Miss Thompson & Mrs Hamilton-Lee

Academic Year 2016/17 Orange Class: Miss Bogle & Sandra, Mrs Kift & Mrs Pritchard

Wow! What an amazing day we have had!  I loved finding out what the children want to be when they grow up and to watch them run around the field to raise money for such a great cause.  Take a look at some of the photos!


Thank you to everyone who paid for the workshop! It was amazing.  The children had so much fun and did not want to leave!  They took part in lots of drama and really showed off their imaginative side.

Our workshop is coming up- please if you have not paid and wish for your child to attend please can the money be given into the office… the children are very excited for tomorrow!  The workshop is in school and the children do not have to bring anything other than if they wish to wear a pirate hat.  We will post photos to follow.

Also we have our FUN RUN on Friday!  We cannot wait to see all of the children dressed up as what they want to be when they are older and take part in the sponsored run!  We will be taking sponsor forms and money in from Friday!

Wow, what a busy week we have!  The school fair is coming up.  Have an amazing time- we can’t wait to hear about what the children loved.


Thank you to everybody who attended the Bingo at school on Friday night.  It sounded like an amazing evening and I can’t wait to attend the next one.

It was a big week for Orange Class this week as for the second time only this year we won the attendance cup and to top it off we were the first class to get 100%.  We were so excited and can’t wait to look after the trophy all week!

Just a little reminder, please remember to read with your children at home.  We have recently introduced adding an extra 5 golden minutes for those children who have read 4 or more times at home!  




Another busy week!  Last week in Literacy we have been looking at writing instructions. We looked at how to plant a plant and then followed a child’s instructions to see if they included all of the important steps.  They did brilliantly!  This week we are going to look at many different reasons to write instructions such as how to run a bath, how to make cakes, how to build a lego house.

In Maths we looked at measuring!  We learnt how to measure length using a ruler, measure capacity and measure weight.  The children even had a go at measuring themselves and we found out who the tallest and shortest members of Year 1 are. 

We also had Explore Learning come in and visit Year One.  The children loved it and the teachers could not believe how amazing all of the children were!  They showed off their amazing Maths skills and did us all proud.

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a lovely Easter.  The children have been sharing some of the wonderful things you all got up to!

Since being back, we have already achieved so much in Year 1.  In Maths, we have been looking at writing our numbers correctly in both numerals and words.  The children were brilliant.  I know writing numbers in words is tricky, but for those finding the spellings challenging we used word mats to help us and began to recognise the correct words.

During Literacy, we started our new theme ‘The Secret Garden’.  We began by looking at poetry- carefully focusing on similes and rhyming poems.  The children had a go at performing a poem- what great actors they were- as well as writing their own.

Also, thank you to everybody who took the time to work alongside their child to complete a project! They were brilliant.  They are now on display outside the classroom for the rest of the school to see.  Well done to our project winners!


Have an amazing Easter everybody!

Last week already! Time flies when you’re having fun.  Thank you to everyone who paid for their child to come on the trip and prepared them a packed lunch.  We had an amazing day at Painshill Park and great weather for it too.  First, we went on on a pirate treasure hunt around the park using clues to help us get to the next place.  After walking a long way we arrived at the treasure and each of us dug up a bouncy ball.  After lunch, we then went on an adult led activity.  A storyteller had several props and we participated in lots of activities such as building houses for the three little pigs.


This week we have been reading the story ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’.  We wrote our own stories and shared them with the class.  We then ordered a set of instructions of how to plant a bean.  The children’s favourite part of the week was the Science experiment they undertook.  The children made predictions about whether or not the bean would grow if they used water, oil, shampoo, coke, orange juice and then had a go at planting a bean and soaking the soil with on the liquids.  We now have monitors in the class who soak the bean everyday waiting to see if any of them grow.  Have a look through our windows, they are on the window seal!



The children are very excited today, it is DISCO day!



Another busy week in Year 1.  This week we have been reading the story The Gingerbread Man.  The children have ordered the story and had a go at writing the middle with the focus of adjectives.  What a great job they did.  They also designed their own Gingerbread Man because next week we are going to be writing instructions and making our own!  

In Maths,  we have been learning about halving and quartering.  We began looking at shapes to help the children visualise it and we are moving on to quantities today.  

Just a quick reminder:  The school trip email has been sent out, please remember we cannot take any cash, it should all be paid over the internet.  Thank you!  


What a great day we had yesterday!!  The children looked fantastic in their dressing up costumes and love pretending to be the character all day.  Thank you to you all for buying, making or putting together an outfit to make the children’s day memorable.

The children took some selfies on the camera!

Please check your emails for information about the next school trip!

This week in school we have been reading the story The Enormous Turnip.  The children have looked carefully at the story, created a story map and then wrote the beginning of the story.  

The children were so excited about pancake day on Tuesday.  We spoke about pancake day and lent.  We then designed our own pancakes and made our own.



































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