Year 2

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Academic Year: 2017-2018

Saffron Class with Mrs Pettinger, Mrs Vietri & Mrs Hicks

Yellow Class with Miss Berardi & Mrs Kuka

Healthy Schools Week has involved a lot of exercise for Year 2! The children enjoyed a Fun Fitness session and then a skipping workout! 

wb 11/06/18 Wow! Look at all these amazing projects you all created in the May Half Term as an entry point to our new theme the STORIES PEOPLE TELL…project winners will be announced in celebration assembly. We loved looking at all of your projects!

Well done to all year 2’s on their SATS! You have all worked so hard and we are proud of you!!!

Yellow class are excited about the royal wedding!!

27/04/18 This week we’ve JUMPED ON THE PLANE and went to visit Africa. We have learnt about Nelson Mandela, listened and sung a long to African music and looked at the African landscape artistic style and recreated our very own sunset/sunrise pictures using water-colour pencils and black paper.

Today Year 2 were given Road Safety workshops where they learned about road safety signals and markings on the pavements and roads. The chn were very enthusiastic to show what they already knew about keeping safe on the roads.


24/4 Turns and Directions – This week the chn have moved on from measurement and have begun to learn about different turns and directions. They will be doing lots of hands on work in this Numeracy topic!

20/04/18 Wow! Look at all these amazing projects you all created in the Easter holidays as an entry point to our new theme JUMP ON A PLANE…project winners will be announced in celebration assembly.

International Week – Saffron class has Ireland and Yellow class has Canada! Stay tuned in your emails for various things happening throughout the week!

26/3 Measurement – The children have begun learning about measurement this week. This topic will carry on after the holidays. The children are excited to start using rulers!

26/3 – Sports Relief was a major success! The children enjoyed dressing up in their favourite sporting hero colours or outfits!

08/3 Fractions – This week in Numeracy the children have begun learning about fractions. During our Maths morning, the children were learning about finding a quarter of a number. A tricky concept but the children enjoyed the challenge!

08/3  World Book Day – Costumes for World Book day looked amazing! The children enjoyed a presentation on how bees make honey by a beekeeper and they even got to taste pure honey! After that the children enjoyed a reading from Gangsta Granny herself!

28/2 Snow Day – this morning we all woke up to a lovely sprinkling of snow. This morning the children were given the opportunity to play in the snow, needless to say great fun was had by all!

23/2 Numeracy update: 3D objects and patterns: This week we have concluded our unit of shapes and patterns. The children had great fun exploring all the different ways they could join the multi link cubes together to make colourful repeating patterns.

22/02/18 THEME: We are super impressed with our Florence Nightingale Dress Up Day and all the effort everybody has put into their outfits, even Miss Beradi, Mrs Kuka and Mrs Vietri dressed up too. We have had a fab day learning all about Florence Nightingale!

21/02/18: Today KS1 spent the morning being read to by children’s author Grant Koper. The children really enjoyed the book and some even purchased the book and had it signed!

21/02/18 Wow! Look at all these amazing projects you all created over the half term holiday as an entry point to our new theme Florence Nightingale…project winners will be announced in celebration assembly.

ART WEEK – POP ART! The last week of half term was art week and the children learnt all about pop art and the artist Andy Warhol. We were inspired by his bright colourful artwork to create our very HRH Queen Elizabeth ii portraits. 

Thank you to all the families that supported us this half term … special mention must be made of the following families who made very generous donations to Momentum children and we cannot thank you enough!

  • Smarties Challenge Winners: Saffron class – 16 tubes of Smarties filled with spare change! Prize awarded: class cake on the last day of term.
  • Smarties Challenge Participants: Bronze Class – 2 tubes, Amber Class – 2 tubes, Blue Class – 1 tube, Green Class – 3 tubes, Turquoise Class – 3 tubes, Yellow Class – 8 tubes, Orange Class – 5 tubes, Red Class – 5 tubes, Lilac Class – 3 tubes and Pink Class – 3 tubes

We loved our cinema afternoons!


We have handed the money buckets over to Momentum who will be counting our donations during half term and we look forward to finding out the total we were able to raise.



05/02/18 – Year 2 got to enjoy learning about Christian bible’s sacred writings and acting them out in costume!


05/02/18 – In Numeracy this week in year 2, we have been learning about 2D shapes! Here we are sorting 2D shapes by their properties!


A representative from Momentum charity came in to speak with the whole school about the brilliant things they do for terminally ill children and their families. Remember the last day to bring in those filled up Smarties tubes is Friday the 2nd! Winning class will receive a cinema experience!


01/02 The children have been learning about poetry in Literacy this week. They have been creating poems using similes, sound words, rhyming couplets, and alliteration!

01/02 The children have been learning about statistics in Numeracy these past two weeks. They have learned about drawing and interpreting Tally charts, Pictograms, and bar charts! The children have enjoyed surveying each other to construct their charts!

26/01 Momentum Smartie Challenge: just a gentle reminder that we only have one more week to help raise money for this wonderful charity. Year 2 have been hard at work making posters to put up in the classrooms to remind the children to bring those tubes (filled with spare change) into school by Friday 2nd Feb!! Here are their posters…


wb 22/01: In theme this week, we were treated to an Asda workshop where we learned about different healthy fruits and vegetables. The children were very brave when tasting the different foods and a lot of children were trying certain fruits and vegetables for the very first time!



25/01 We had a great time experimenting with the water colour paints and investigating which objects would be best to paint our fruit still life portraits. Here are our masterpieces…


wb 15/01: In Literacy this week, we have continued our magical narrative genre.  We have written the ending to our stories and edited our writing to make it even better!

In theme this week, as part of our Keeping fit theme, we looked at where in the world healthy food choices come from and learnt about the meaning of Fairtrade products. The children exercised to a number of different backing tracks to decide which one was the best workout soundtrack – it was a lot of fun!



The children were given an opportunity to visit the hall which had been set up beautifully for the ‘I wonder space…’ it was a lovely workshop!



In theme this week (12.01.2018), as part of our Keeping fit theme, the children were able to choose healthy toppings for their own pizzas! They were able to bring these home to bake in the oven for a tasty treat!



This week in Maths (8.01.2018), the children have begun division. Today we learned about sharing out into equal groups and were able to use multi link cubes to do this with our partners.



wb 3/01: In Literacy this week, we have continued our magical narrative genre.  The children have been thinking about what exercise equipment would have magical powers, and what would happen if we used that magic.  We have created a new setting for our stories to take place.

*We have started reading our new class novels. If you have still got your old class novel at home please return it asap so that you can receive a copy of the new class novel. Any books that have been misplaced or lost will need to be replaced with a £5 contribution towards a replacement. 

In Numeracy this week we have focused on mathematical art. The children have created multiplication fruit trees as well as times table octopus.  There has been a lot of mathematical discussion and multiplication facts recall going on this week – it’s been fantastic!



Theme: We have started our new theme LET’S GET FIT! by creating an exercise regime to help improve our fitness and discussed the various reasons why keeping fit and healthy are so important to us.  

We wore Christmas Jumpers on the 15th December to raise money for SAVE THE CHILDREN.


7/12/17 We had a great time at the Sutton Tennis Center on Thursday. It was a wonderful introduction to tennis for the children, they learnt about holding the racket correctly, foot positioning and how to hit the ball as well as a volley pass.  Thank you Sutton Tennis Center for having us. 


Look what we’ve been doing in art! To end off our Who Am I theme topic, the children made their own self portraits using pastels and crayons to colour in.


Year 2 enjoyed their toy workshop today! They were able to learn about toys that were used in historical times and acted out a puppet show and a time machine!



A reminder that the Year 2’s will be partaking in their Toy Workshop on Tuesday December 5th next week! Please remember to complete your child’s permission form and a voluntary contribution!

Discover Christmas

The year 2’s were able to enjoy a Discover Christmas workshop where they learned about how Christians celebrate the festival of Christmas!


 Christmas Hampers…thank you so much for all the donations. Please remember to buy your raffle tickets!


Who Am I? 

wb 13/11: This week we learnt about the 5 essential needs for survival for humans and animals.  It has been Anti-Bullying Week and the children had a great Monday wearing odd socks. On Thursday and Friday the children took part in the Year 6 Children In Need Workshops. They loved visiting the photo-booth and watching and participating in the A-Factor!


wb 6/11: This week we looked more closely at the  family tree of the royal family and answered a number of questions about them. Next week is Anti-Bullying Week and the children are to come to school wearing odd socks on Monday.

wb30/10: Science Week: This week we took a more in depth look at Science. The children loved experimenting with chemical reactions (vinegar/bicarb) creating beautiful rainbow fish. Year Two took part in a science workshop with Fizz Pop Science which was very interesting and tasty!

Year Two enjoying themselves at their Science Week Workshop!



wb30/10: Theme: We have started our new theme for this half term ‘Who Am I?’ to introduce the children to the theme we asked them to create a project in the holidays about their family trees. We have loved learning more about all of your families and want to say thank you for all of your hard work to complete your projects.  We will also be looking more closely at the  family trees of the royal family. We will also be learning about the importance of keeping ourselves healthy!

wb13/11: In Literacy this week, we continued working with the story ‘The Tiger that Came to Tea’, we created a character profile and described a setting. For Anti-Bullying Week we created our own acrostic poems about anti-bullying. in Numeracy we have continued working with money looking at different ways to make the same amounts, match amounts, and writing amount in £ and pence.

wb6/11: In Literacy this week, we started our narrative genre.  The children read the story ‘The Tiger that Came to Tea’, we acted out the story, created a story map and generated an interesting vocabulary around certain scenes.  

* SPAG NEWS: We are no longer testing the children’s spellings on Fridays. Instead the weekly focus words will come home so that you can see what we are learning about in Spelling and Grammar lessons and on a Friday morning the children will use the focus words in a handwriting lesson. Please still encourage your  children to practise the list of words that come home.

In Numeracy we have started to look at money. We have been comparing and making amounts and identifying how much money we have in £ and p.  We will continue with money over the next two weeks.

wb30/10: In Literacy this week, we’ve been focusing on using drama to represent and portray our poetry. We will soon begin learning about narrative writing. In Numeracy we continued to work with column addition and subtraction.

Year 2 projects of Family Trees look fantastic!



wb 16/10: In Theme lessons this week we celebrated Black History Month. The children learnt about Sam King who was a Jamaican immigrant who co-founded the Notting Hill Carnival and was the first black mayor of Southwark. We wrote a diary entry imagining what it would be like to arrive in a new country.

wb 9/10: In Theme lessons this week we did a science experiment all about which materials are best at keeping objects dry. We also learnt a little bit about using a map, looking at the United Kingdom and the major cities of England.

wb2/10: The children have been learning how to play the ocarinas in music lessons this week! It was a rather noisy introduction to this instrument. The children are looking forward to our next lesson.


wb 16/10: In Literacy we have looked at poetry. We learnt and performed Autumn poems and wrote our very own poems about Autumn. We also looked at rhyme and 3-line poems. In Numeracy we have been adding and subtracting 2-digit and 1-digit numbers together.  We have learnt about a place value chart and used this to help us partition our numbers into tens and ones.  We have practiced setting out our column calculations correctly using the place value charts to support us as well as counting back along a number line to help us in taking away.

wb 9/10: In Literacy we have continued to write in the first person. This week we pretended to be Samuel Pepys and wrote our own diary entry about the Great Fire of London. In Numeracy we have been using manipulatives like base 10s to help us count on 10 more/less and to complete addition and subtraction calculations.

wb 2/10: In Literacy we have started learning about writing in the first person and writing events in chronological order. This is working towards writing our very own diary entries.  In Numeracy we have learnt about number fact families and using the inverse to help us check our calculations.

London’s Burning!

wb2/10: This week the children read Samuel Pepys’s diary entries about the Great Fire of London. It was very descriptive and the children were fascinated! We thought of some questions that we would like to ask Samuel Pepys about the Great Fire.  Some of our questions were: Were you scared? Did your house burn down? 

wb25/09: We are loving learning about the Great Fire of London. This week we made our very own moving fire engines. All the children were super creative and adding some interesting features to their fire engines. 



wb11/09: This week we have looked at using the collage effect to create our very own picture of The Great Fire of London.  We had a lot of fun using lots of different collage materials to create our pictures. They are up on our display board waiting for you to see them on Parent’s Evening. 


Year Two Summer Projects: Over the summer holidays the children had a project to research and create something about the Great Fire of London as part of a exciting introduction to our theme for this Autumn Term.  We were super impressed with the projects that came into school. Well done everybody!



The Year 2 children had an amazing time recently at Kidzania in London. They had the chance to earn ‘Kidzos’ by working as surgeons, grafting as fire fighters and getting their hands dirty as mechanics! There were so many more activities for the children to try (as we are sure you’ve heard about) as well as the chance to gain some independence in roaming the kids city and choosing what they wanted to do. The children really impressed the adults on the trip by displaying impeccable manners and wonderful behaviour. Thank you also to our parent helpers for the day- your help really is appreciated!




Let’s Get Fit!

The Year 2 children worked so hard over the recent half term break to produce a poster to promote keeping fit and healthy. We had so many fantastic ideas in order to stay in shape from what to eat and drink to a range of exercises. We are ready to go with our new theme and know everyone is excited about starting brand new, healthy lifestyles!



Explore Learning

This week we had Explore Learning come in to our classes and teach us about clockwise and anticlockwise movements. We then used this to make a pirate ship. It was great fun! 

Easter Projects

We had some excellent Easter projects handed in this week! So many of our children worked so hard to present what they did over the holidays and it looked like you all had lots of fun! We really appreciate your efforts and are proud to display your work outside our classrooms- come and take a look during pupil review evening 🙂


International Week

Year 2 have loved learning about New Zealand and France during international week. Thank you to all of the parents who came in to help with our art lessons and see our amazing work. 


We have been learning a dance routine to ‘Uptown Funk’ this term. Here is some of their amazing dances. 



 This week we have started learning about fables. We have looked at lots of different ones and what their morals mean. Today we story mapped ‘The Fox and The Grapes.’

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us to raise over £1,200 for The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. 

Big Yellow Friday!

Today Year 2 embarked on a 3.8 mile walk from school into Sutton to raise money for The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation. We had so much fun with our balloons and didn’t mind that it was raining. The Year 2 team would like to thank everyone who has helped to raise money for such a good charity. 


World Book Day!

We had such a brilliant World Book Day in Year 2! It was great to see so many children dressed as their favourite book characters- we really appreciate the effort that parents and children put into their costumes. We were even lucky enough to have a workshop from ASDA where we were read a story and took part in craft activities with our ASDA rep. During this workshop, we had a visit from a photographer- the link to the photos taken by him will be posted on our blog as soon as we have it. In the meantime, here are some photos from our fantastic day!

Here is the link from our photographer- some amazing snaps!



Amazing toy projects. 

We have been so impressed with the toy projects that were made during half term. They look amazing on display outside of Yelow class. 

All go for Year 2- Pizza Express and Thai Boxing!!

During recent weeks, Year 2 have had plenty going on inside and outside of school. We were lucky enough to have some visitors in our school to show us how Thai Boxing training is not only good fun, but is also great for keeping us fit and healthy!

We also took a look at how different ingredients from around the world are used to make a tasty pizza! The very helpful staff members from Pizza Express in Cheam were able to help us understand and taste different ingredients before allowing us to make our very own pizza! Below are some snaps of both workshops.

Looking ahead- the Year 2 teachers are busy planning the fundraising activity for Friday 3rd March- Big Yellow Friday! We hope you have been busy collecting contributions form your friends and family for the sponsored walk we will be taking part in on that day!




Science Week and our Wimbledon Theatre trip!

Such a busy week in Year 2 this week! We had a brilliant Science Week which included us conducting experiments in class. We made fire works in a jar and made raisins dance!! We also went to a science workshop in school with a special visitor who let us make our own pot of slime to take home! It was amazing! During the week we also went to Wimbledon Theatre to watch Gangsta Granny- one of our class novels this year. We had such a great time and we all loved it when Granny kept on blowing off!



We have never had such an exciting school trip before. All of the children arrived at school at 8:15am so excited and ready for a fun-filled day- although not sure who was more excited; the adults or the children!!!!!!

When we arrived we were greeted by a member of the KidZania team and they led us to ‘check-in’. We were in what looked like a real-life airport. We were all issued with electronic bracelets so that we could see where everyone was at all times. We were then each given 50 kidzooz to spend. The children’s eye lit up as we walked into the KidZania town. There was so much to do! We could spend our kidzooz or earn more kidzooz for doing different jobs. At then end of the day, the children really didn’t want to leave.

It was such an amazing day!













Please read the letter below about our trip next week.

Don’t forget to be at school at 8.15am

trip letter what is needed

International Week

We have been looking at different countries around the world this week. In Saffron class we were looking at South Africa. As part of one of our lessons we re-created an African picture in small groups by each taking a section of the picture, using pastels to draw it and then piece it back together. They looked amazing!


Around the World

Well done for some more amazing projects. They look great up on display outside Year Two.


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