Christmas Fair

Thank you to everyone who donated on our mufti days and then came to our Christmas Fair last week.  It was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it.  We raised around £1700 which is an amazing amount!  School Council will decide how that money is going to be spent.  A MASSIVE thank you goes to all our lovely helpers from FAPS (Friends of Abbey Primary School).  If you would like to get involved in FAPS then please let the Office Staff know and someone will get in touch with you in the New Year.

Happy Christmas.

Children in Need 2017

Congratulations to the Year 6 children who worked together to raise over £500 for Children in Need. The photobooth was a massive success, with many of the pictures now having pride of place in the children’s homes! We loved seeing groups of friends come together for some lovely momentos.

The A Factor was also a huge success with many brave children choosing to perform to their Kay stages. We are very lucky to have some talented musicians who were eager to display their performance skills.

It was lovely to see so many of the children enjoying themselves while watching and supporting their friends on stage.

Thank you to all of the children who took part in our Year 6 events, for all the Year 6 children who organised the activities and to the parents who contributed towards a fantastic total making its way over to Children in Need.

Girls Do Abbey Proud!

6 girls from Year 6 competed this week in a 6-a-side tournament at Sutton United. They were able to compete against 4 other schools on Sutton United’s main pitch which was a brilliant experience for all of them. The girls were so unlucky to lose 3 games by only 1 goal (1-0, 2-1, 1-0) however they did themselves and our school proud for never giving up and continuing to try until the final whistle! A massive thank you and well done to Erin, Abbi, Dora, Grace, Kira and Rosa!

Think about it!

If you could choose just one thing to change about the world, what would it be?

We had lots of children comment on this question; some of our favourites are: no terrorism – Ayaan (Bronze), stop bullying – Nathan H (Bronze), when it rains it will rain money! – Lacey (Bronze), I would change the world to peace and kindness – Brooke (Bronze), no smoking – Barbie (Bronze), cruel acts would become positive acts – Jessica S (Bronze), peace – Saeed (Bronze), cleaner air – Haydn (Bronze), change the noise to quiet – Ronnie (Bronze), no crime – Harry (Bronze) and stop animal cruelty all over the world – Liam (Bronze).

What is art?

A load of colours on a piece of paper- Erin (Purple).

Mystery object

The mystery picture this week was a bumble bee.  There were no correct guesses.



Digital Leaders – Cyberbullying

This week we have been learning about cyberbullying. The internet gives us lots of opportunities to talk to our friends online – fantastic! However sometimes people can be mean or unkind. This is called cyberbullying. We have run a drop-in session in the Library to advise children on what to do if someone is mean online, over and over again. There are 4 steps:
1 – Save the evidence,
2 – Report the cyberbullying,
3 – Block the cyberbully,
4 – Tell an adult.
If you need any advice then just ask us!
The Digital LeadersIMG_5581

British Legion Fundraising

Abbey Primary were very proud of the money that was raised for the British Legion through the poppy appeal.

MoVeRs & ShAkErS FiEsTA!

On Wednesday 15th November, a group of 10 Abbey Primary children went to Barrow Hedges Primary School to take part in a Movers & Shakers Fiesta competition. There were 4 schools taking part and the children absolutely loved the carousel of activities.  13 stations around the hall where 6 minutes was spent at each station trying to complete the task. Some of their favourite tasks were Lego Build, Fruit Snap, Dice Dance, Creature & Task and Jigsaw Jam to name a few. Thank you to Rafael & Rohail (Yellow Class), Taylor & Nilakshika (Saffron Class), Adam Daines & Sasha (Green Class), Aaron Danso & Jake Rhind (Turquoise Class), Dipigiya (Blue Class and Florence Swaine (Sapphire Class) for taking part, trying your best and being great ambassadors for our school. Mrs Vietri was very proud of all of you!