Sports Day

On Friday 16th June, years 1 to 6 had their Sports Day.  The children were involved in a variety of activities from the sack race to javelin to the standing long jump – competing in each one for points for their sports house.  The year 1/2 and the year 3/4 competitions were run by seventeen of the year 6 children who were amazing at demonstrating their activity, organising their group and encouraging each child to do their best – a massive thank you to them!  The winning house will be announced to the children in Celebration Assembly on Friday.  After these activities were over the children competed in flat running races – the winners of each race won a medal.

School Food Showdown

Abbey Primary got to enjoy a School Food Showdown for Healthy Schools Week! Lots of delicious and healthy food was created!IMG_0838IMG_0849IMG_0856IMG_0857IMG_0858IMG_0862


Archery & Fencing!

For Healthy Week, years 1-6 were able to experience both Archery and Fencing led by Premier Sport!

Movers and Shakers Fiesta!

On Wednesday 7th June some children from years 3, 4 and 5 attended a movers and shakers fiesta at Barrow Hedges. The fiesta involved a wide variety of dice games that linked to literacy and numeracy. The games were very physical and had the children running and thinking on their feet. It was a very enjoyable morning and I was very impressed with those children who attended as they showed excellent team work!

Year 5 Poetry

The Year 5’s have spent a week learning about poetry and one particular poem they have been focusing on is called The Magic of the Brain. They have recreated the poem focusing on the brilliance of their “senses”. Some poems are featured here:

Such a sight I saw. The glimmering lanterns.The view of the spectacular mountains with deep waters and fresh leaves. Such a sight I saw.

Such a sound I heard. The peaceful sound of the water. The twitching of the hidden creatures. The showering of the water as it falls into the lake from the motor of the boats. Such a sound I heard.

  • Written by Doussou

Such a sight I saw. The glimmering river that reflects off the beaming and colorful lanterns. It makes me relax and imagine. Such a sight I saw. 

Such a sound I heard. The twittering of the birds flying. The breezing wind that makes me joyful. Such a sound I heard.

  • Written by Louis

Such a sight I saw. A landscape of hills and faraway seas. Butterflies flying to its pollen. It melts my heart to see the children smiling. Such a sight I saw. 

Such a touch I felt. The rough bricks that built those houses. The calm, cold water which touches my hand. I feel alive. I feel relaxed. Such a touch I felt. 

  • Written by Zuzanna

Such a sound I heard. The faint hissing of the water snakes. Fire echoing in the patterned cages. The water glistening in the moonlight. Such a sound I heard. 

Such a sight I saw. The ever-green trees. Bright colored houses tipped on the hill. Boats ready to take off through the clear water. Such a sight I saw. 

  • Written by Bo

Such a sight I saw. An immense old fashioned monument with peach colors and hollow inside. It filled me glorious pride. Such a sight I saw.

Such a sound I heard. A deafening sound roaring like a furious lion. It was revving the engine noisily when its active. Screeching annoyingly. Such a sound I heard. 

  • Written by Leo

Y5 Viking Day

Year 5  had a brilliant day, learning lots about The Vikings. We looked at lots of different artifacts from the period and even ended up reenacting a Viking Battle!

This year’s Sports Day is on Tuesday 28th June 2016

This is a reminder about Sport’s Day 

Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 will compete between 9:00am and 10:30am 

Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 will compete between 10:50am and 12.20pm.

Nursery and Reception will be participating in a multi skills festival between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.  

Your child will need to wear the t-shirt colour that represents their house. Your child will also need to bring a water bottle, sun hat and be wearing sun tan lotion.

Parents are most welcome to come and support the children whilst they are competing. We look forward to seeing you at another exciting Sports Day!