Year 4

DT Day!

On Wednesday the 28th Year 4 had a very successful day of DT! Our theme this term was ‘Bright Sparks’, and the link made with DT was learning about and producing our own circuits!

The circuits the children designed were alarms, and the children had the option to make a simple, series or parallel circuit.

Thank you so much for all the donations of cardboard boxes, the children had a great time designing packaging for their alarms!

Miss Stevens and Miss Bradford


International week!

In year 4 we love theme weeks, and international week has to be one of our favorites!

Edison class were given Italy as their featured country to learn about this week, and Curie class were given Australia.

Both classes really enjoyed learning about some of the history and culture of their countries, and definitely enjoyed sampling some of their most famous foods!

We were also lucky enough to have a dance workshop this week to learn a culturally inspired group dance, and both classes performed wonderfully! 

We hope you all have a wonderful half term!

Miss Bradford and Miss Stevens


Parents evening and the Year 4 trip to the Horniman museum.

What a packed, exciting week it’s been!

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers who came to parents evening this week. It’s so wonderful to be able to have a conversation about your lovely children, and they’re always so excited to show off what they’ve been doing in class!

We also had our trip to the Horniman museum this week. This was an amazing trip, and we were so proud of Year 4, not only for showing their inquisitive sides in the museum galleries, but also for their amazing behavior!

 They were able to have a look at many of the galleries in the museum, and then had a workshop dedicated to ancient Egyptian artifacts, some of which they got to hold (wearing gloves of course!)

All in all, it’s been another wonderful week in year 4!



Macmillan Bake sale

Thank you so much for all the help and donations for year 4’s charity this year, the response was amazing!

As we’re sure you’re aware, Macmillan is a charity that supports people living with a cancer diagnosis, and helps them and their families in many important ways. 

We’re so proud to announce that from the bake sale and donations we raised £180 for this important cause.

Thanks again for all your support and help, 

Miss Bradford and Miss Stevens

First Week back!

What a wonderful first week back to school! All the children in year 4 have settled in really well, and we’re all looking forward to the year ahead!

A brief reminder though, if all children could be provided with a pencil, whiteboard pen and a glue stick that would be fantastic.


Miss Stevens and Miss Bradford

Don’t Forget!

Below are some important dates for your diary.

Thursday 3rd May- School closed for children due to polling day
Monday 7th May- School closed for the bank holiday
Wednesday 9th May- Parents’ Evening
Thursday 10th May- Parents’ Evening
Thursday 10th May- Class photos
Monday 14th May- A visit from the governors.
Friday 25th May- Inset day
Monday 28th May- Half term

Art Week

This week the whole school celebrated art. KS2 were given British artists to study. Year 4 looked at art by David Hockney and reproduced work in his style.

Self Portraits

In art, both year 4 classes followed step by step instructions on how to create a self portrait. They used charcoal and were able to experiment with different techniques to create a variety of effects. Here are some of their final pieces. Can you spot your own?


I Wonder Space

Year 4 were really lucky to have some visitors from a local church come in, and run a set of activities that encouraged the children to think about the people in their lives and who they were thankful for and why. It was a really lovely atmosphere, and the contemplation exercises got them to think about their situations and what they felt grateful for. 


26/01 Momentum Smartie Challenge: just a gentle reminder that we only have one more week to help raise money for this wonderful charity. Year 2 have been hard at work making posters to put up in the classrooms to remind the children to bring those tubes (filled with spare change) into school by Friday 2nd Feb!!


Year 4 are really excited about going swimming this term! Please read the letter so that you know what to bring with you. 

Blue Class – Thursday

Sapphire Class – Friday


A Light-bulb Moment!

Today in year 4 we were experimenting with conductors and insulators. We had great, educational fun experimenting with circuits to see which materials would help or hinder the brightness of the bulb. Take a look at our pictures below!




Today both year 4 classes had a fantastic day, as they got stuck into the science of food and how we taste, thanks to the wonderful science workshop with Fizz-Pop Science!

We turned sweet icing sugar into sour sherbet, and measured how the change in flavour affected our taste-buds!  We also learnt the 5 different areas of taste, sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami!


Amazing Amulets

Year 4 made some beautiful Ancient Egyptian inspired amulets last week. We looked at the symbols of Ankh, the Eye of Ra and scarab beetles. Take a look at some of our fantastic designs below and see if you can spot your own!


A Great Start!

Welcome to Year 4!

Sapphire: Miss Bradford with Mrs Dawkins.

Blue: Miss Stevens with Mrs Osborne.

Our first half term has been fantastic so far, with the children (and staff!) settling in really well. We had a fabulous fundraiser for Jeans for Genes in September, raising over £340. Thank you all so much for your hard work and donations!

We’re all really looking forward to our Ancient Egyptian workshop on the 17th October, it should be a fun, educational day.

Don’t forget: To dress up on the day, and to support us with the small contribution towards this we’ve asked for through Parent Pay.













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    By Aimee In Year 4

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    From Nicole’s Mum!!

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  20. i am so sad that the chicks have gone back to the fram but they were like 8 knew members in blue class and i hope that we made them chicks feel safe and loved i love all the chick sperkey/pippys/carmel/role/charterboxs/fuge/turtale/henny penny i loved them all i was so sad when they had left xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. I am so sad about the chick are gonging

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    From Baasma’s Best Friend Mehvish (from Coombe Hill)

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  32. I mean no. 5 & no. 10 did not hatch

  33. we named all the chicks!!!!!!

    no.6 hacked last night so we have 8 chicks sadly no. 5 & no.2 did not survive on the way to abbey primary they died

  34. I love holding the chick’s, my Mum and Dad thought that all the class photo’s were great!!

    Ellie B

  35. They are so cute and beautiful

  36. hello blue class i am really happy for you and i have been told all about the chick by marny she wont stop talking about them
    lot of love mrs parsons

  37. i love my bright blue class and i think we will look after all 8 chicks very weel and thanks to the teachter that picked our class to have the chicks and i am really sad about number 10 and number 6 because they have not hatch i really wish the best for the chicks
    lot of love marny

  38. rolo is so cute all of the chicks are cute

  39. Today I got to hold a chicken it is called rolo we have another chicken called carmel because it is all brown another one is called chaterbox because it keeps on going cheep cheep cheep and another one called lemon because it is all yellow and loads more names I can’t wait till Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    they were wet and tired when they got out of their shell

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  44. The brownest one is called Caramel
    Second brownest one is Rolo
    There is one in the smaller incubator who when Miss a picked up it started 2 peck and tried to jump out and chirps a lot so we named it Drama Queen or Chatterbox!
    I can’t wait to name the other o es I suggested the name Pixie we are gonna have a vote tomorrow so we dont argue about it! Thanks 4 reading this fellows from Baasma(sorry 4 a long message)

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  46. number 5 10 and 6 didnt, hatch yet

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    answer: roosters dont lay eggs

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  54. i can’t wait till the chicks hatch

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    See ya at school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tayla + Marny


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    from Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  69. I love this school and i never want to leave coz we do so many fun things like 60’s + 70’s day and daffidls and air port’s day and………………
    the list goes on and on and on.

    I’m still missing u Mia, it’s not the same without u.

    see ya all at school!!! Tayla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. ART WAS REALY NICE TODAY HAHA HA THANKS FOR READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  73. i cant wait to learn more tunes in drumming we have been doing gamalan and we have learnt to play these tunes: aeue

  74. I am so proud of Alana and all that she has achieved I cant wait to see more of her fabulous work. Go on a girl!!!!! xx

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    I loved airport day as well coz we had to pack a bag and we showed our class what we packed.

    Tayla ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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    By Baasma

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    I remember Charlotte doing the Samba Drumming, it was amazing!!
    Cant wait to watch James this week x
    from James Mum x

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  94. Sounds great. Would love to hear the singing.

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