Year 3

Panto Pandemonium

This week the children have performed their Christmas show brilliantly to parents and children. They have worked so hard to learn all their lines, song lyrics and actions. They looked amazing in their costumes and we are so proud of them!

Thank you for all of your donations at this busy time of years, it was great to see so many of you at the Christmas Fair last week.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Christmas Jumpers today!

DT day – Money Containers

This week the children have been researching, designing and making their own purse or wallet. They found the sewing tricky but have persevered and all are proud of their finished products. They learnt to use a pattern piece to cut out their design and how to sew using running stitch, back stitch and over stitch. Some children opted for buttons while others used velcro and zips to fasten their money containers.

Roman Workshop

We have been very lucky this week to have a real life Roman Soldier visit our school! He showed us artifacts from the Roman era, played a popular Roman board game and we particularly enjoyed learning about his weapons and armour. In the afternoon he taught us to march in formation and respond to the Latin commands. It was great to see so many children dressed up!


This week we have begun looking at multiplication and division. The children have been exploring sharing into equal groups using dice, counters, cubes and dominoes. We have also been practicing the 3 times table so any extra you can do at home would be great!

Our rehearsals for the Christmas play ‘Panto Pandemonium’ are going brilliantly and all the children are really excited to perform for you on Wednesday 13th December. Before then, we will be having a dress rehearsal on Friday 8th December.

Science Week

We have been Scientists this week, exploring solids and liquids. In class we made slime! This was a fun way to demonstrate how mixing different chemicals can cause things to change state.

We were very lucky to take part in a ‘FizzPop Science’ workshop with Techno Tim! During the session the children were investigating taste buds and they made a sweet sherbet powder.


This week in Year 3, Green and Turquoise class have been working hard to produce their very own Stone Age pottery. Although moulding clay is no easy feat, all the children persevered with this tricky task.  They have created some truly stunning and intricate repeating patterns on their pots.


This week year 3 have been looking at persuasive texts. They have written to persuade us not to start giving out homework everyday – very convincing! They have particularly enjoyed researching prehistoric homes and will be writing to persuade people to live in them.

In PE year 3 were practicing their teddy-bear rolls, not only were they able to do them individually but also in pairs. Mr Castle was very impressed!

Thank-you to all the parents who came to parents evening, the children really love showing you their new classrooms and their fantastic work so far.

Stone Age Scavenging!

This week in theme we were learning about how the first humans lived during the Stone Age. We went scavenging for things that might be edible and to make campfires with a stone circle.

Scavengers and Settlers Projects

Welcome to year 3! We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and enjoyed researching for our new theme. This half term we will be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. Miss Ward and Mr Castle are really impressed with your projects, here are just a few…


Sutton Ecology Centre

We had a fantastic day exploring mini-beasts and pond life at the Ecology Centre. The children were so enthusiastic and interested in finding creatures and exploring their habitats. They particularly enjoyed pond dipping, we found leeches, dragonfly larvae, pond skaters and newts. The children were very well behaved, thanks for a great day everyone!

Wildlife Wizards

We are all looking forward to our trip to the Ecology Centre next week. Please ensure that your child has a packed lunch, suitable shoes for walking, a bottle of water and sunhat/screen if necessary. It promises to be an informative and fun morning looking at mini-beasts and pond dipping!

Dentist in School – 28/06/2017

An important visitor came this week… the dentist! (thankfully not one you find in a David Walliams novel!) She told us about the importance of cleaning our teeth twice a day, eating the right food and visiting the dentist every 6 months. This is free for children too!

Sports Day 

Many thanks for all the parents who supported us in Sports day, we all had a really great time! The children particularly enjoyed taking part in competitive sport.

It has been a long, hot week for us all. Thankfully it is a little cooler and the children are cracking on with their Adventure stories and Wildlife Wizards theme.

We hope you enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Healthy School Week

Let’s get fit! We started the week with a fencing and archery workshop, the children really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in an unusual sport. They particularly liked wearing the face guards and using the fencing foils! On Wednesday afternoon we were all in the hall for ‘Ready Steady Cook’, Miss Ward and chefs vs Miss Watt and 2 chefs. We had great fun making vegetable chili and a chicken stir fry, the children taste tested and voted. Miss Ward and the Red Chili team won… Next stop Master chef!!

Its looking like great weather for our sports day – good luck everyone!

Half Term Projects

Many thanks for fantastic Active Planet projects. We have loved looking at all the volcano models, reading the information and seeing how you can use everyday objects to recreate a volcanic explosion! The children have been really enthusiastic about this theme and next week we will be learning all about the events at Pompeii.

Active Planet

This week we have stared our new theme ‘Active Planet’. The children have been fascinated to find out about the layers of our Earth and how many volcanoes there are!

Daily Mile

We have begun challenging ourselves to walk a mile every day at school. The children have really loved the opportunity to exercise – they can walk, jog or run around the playground. Each day they challenge themselves to better their previous number of laps. Hopefully by the summer we will all be running it – including the teachers!!

DT Day – Willy Wonka’s Fair Trade Cookies

This week we have been designing and making our own chocolate cookies to link with our theme. The children really enjoyed coming up with new ideas and taste testing!

Mini Tennis Competition

On Wednesday Miss Ward took 4 children from year 3 and 4 to compete against other schools in the borough. The children played really well and had lots of fun! Well done to Sean in Turquoise Class who won the Determination award and well done to the whole team as we won the Self Belief award!

Friday 5th May 2017

We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday. In computing this week the children have been learning to send emails and have all written about what they did at the weekend!

Congratulations to the ‘Wonka’s Wonders’ project winners – Yavisha, Krissh and Attiya from Green Class. Lewis, Rameez and Alexandra from Turquoise Class.

Friday 28th April 2017

This week the children have enjoyed reading and studying Handa’s Surprise. Next week we are changing the character and the setting, we can’t wait to read them.

In Numeracy we have been learning to tell the time using analogue and 24 hour hour clocks. the children really like this subject as it is relevant to them. Particularly when it comes to working out how many minutes to their play!

Well done Year 3 for walking so sensibly to swimming, keep it up everyone!

Unfortunately today it is raining so therefore please send your child into school with a coat on their swimming day.

Have a great bank holiday!

The Year 3 team


Welcome back, we hope you all had a happy Easter break. The children are really excited about having swimming lessons each week this term. Please ensure that they have their kit in school each Thursday/Friday and that it is named. We do need a parent volunteer to walk with each class and still have some dates without a volunteer. Please speak to Miss Ward or Mrs Foley if you are available to help any weeks after half term. Many thanks in advance.

International Week

We have had a great week learning about Sri Lanka and China. In particular the children have loved learning a dance from their country with the very talented Don. They preformed in front of the school with great confidence and enthusiasm! Thank you to the parents who came into Green class to see our artwork and share some Sri Lankan food.

Obstacle Course!

Our Red Nose Day fundraising was a great success and year 3 have raised a huge amount for Comic Relief – nearly £800! Many many thanks to all those who sponsored us. We are looking forward to all of our exciting Easter activities today! We wish you a safe and happy holiday!

DT day – Packaging

What fun we had on DT day ! We all loved  designing and making packaging for a new brand of chocolates. the children were very creative in their approach and particularly enjoyed using CAD.

The day is here, it’s Red Nose day! The sun is almost shinning as we get geared up for challenging ourselves in our obstacle course. We hope we raise lots of money to support Comic Relief. Thank you all for your support.


We are all looking forward to next Friday. Year 3 have chosen Comic Relief as their charity this year. The children are really excited to be supporting this worthy cause. The whole school will be wearing Red on Friday 24th, please bring in a donation of £1.

Year 3 are also completing a sponsored obstacle course, and competing against each other to see who can raise the most! Many thank for your support.

Imperial War Museum

What a great day we had! The children loved exploring the museum,learning about life during the war and awe-struck by the torpedo and the V2.

Thank you to the children for behaving so well and being a credit to our school. An even bigger thank you to our four parents who gave up their time to come with us on the day.

World Book Day

What a fun day we have yesterday! The children looked great in their costumes and enjoyed listening to a variety of stories by the teachers’ favourite authors. Thank you for all your effort with the costumes.

This week the children have really been enthusiastic about our Dig for Victory theme and getting into character to write letters as evacuees. We are all looking forward to the trip next Wednesday.

Imperial War Museum

Reminder – Year 3 will be visiting the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday 8th March to support our theme ‘Dig for Victory’. We will be looking at the WW2 galleries and exploring what life was like for a family during the war.

Please make sure you use ParentPay to pay for the trip, if you haven’t already done so.

If any parent would like to help on the day of the trip, please speak to Miss Ward, Mrs Foley or Mrs Aldred. Many Thanks.

Art Week – 10/02/2017

Image result for the beach degas

The Beach by Edgar Degas

The French artist Edgar Degas was our focus for Art Week. During the week we explored the painting and discussed what was happening using our inference skills. We used different materials and mark making to recreate the painting in our own style. The children really enjoyed the opportunity to examine a painting closely and use their imagination.

Roman Day – 01/02/2017

We had a great day learning about Roman life, the empire and soldiers’ armour. All the children enjoyed handling Roman artefacts and dressing up in their costumes.  During the morning we learned to play a tactical board game that was played throughout the Roman empire. In the afternoon, all children in year 3 took part in marching using the Latin commands; got to try on some Roman helmets and learned to sword fight!

International Week

Viva La France! We had a brilliant time finding out about France and taking part in lots of different activities to celebrate France. The food tasting was very well received, though for some reason Green class are not that fond of Brie! It’s my favourite! The dance we learnt was amazing and I was very impressed with the children’s  moves.


Our DT day!

We had lots of fun in year 3 making party hats for different celebrations. The designs were extremely creative and the mess in the classroom was just amazing! The children become quite competitive, each wanting to produce the best and most unique hat. As you can see, each hat was unique and we were all very impressed. Mrs. Bedforth was very impressed as well!


Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Celebration

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 90th birthday of our Queen. The children enjoyed sharing all their treats and having a little dance in the hall. The teachers especially loved the noise created! We have been very impressed with the projects the children have spent time doing during their holidays.

Caesar’s Reign Project

We are so excited about our new theme in year 3, especially Miss. Weeks as she loves History! We were very impressed with the amount of effort that went into the projects and are so glad the children enjoyed making them. Here is a small selection of the projects.


Attendance Award

Green class were thrilled to finally win the attendance award for the highest attendance for the week beginning 23rd November. Keep it up green class!


Science Week

We had a great time on Wednesday 4th November doing our experiment called ‘Tennis Bubbles’. The children really enjoyed experimenting with quantities of fairy liquid, water and glycerol to create the perfect combination to make the perfect bubble. it was fun filling the coat hangers with solution and using them as tennis rackets. We were amazed when the experiment worked and the bubble ‘tennis balls’ bounced off of the bubble solution in the coat hangers. It was an amazing experiment!


014 021 024 017

New Theme Topic

We have now finished our first theme ‘Scavengers and Settlers.’ The children have really enjoyed this theme and have participated in lessons enthusiastically. We are now looking forward to our next theme ‘Wildlife Wizards’, especially as this theme will include our first trip in year 3!

Parent’s Evening

It was lovely seeing the parents for our first parent’s evening in year 3. We have had a fantastic start to the year and the children are being superstars, getting used to their new routine and the fact that they are now in key stage 2! We have already completed so much work which the children are incredibly proud of. They were very excited about showing the clay bowls they made in art this week! We look forward to the rest of the term and all the exciting events we have planned.


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