Welcome to Nursery 2017 -2018

Have a lovely half term. 

See you Tuesday 20th February. 

Chinese New Year

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year.  We transformed our role play area into a Chinese restaurant, the children made coolie hats and made a Chinese stir fry.  It was yummy!  Mrs Hamilton-Lee read the story ‘Cleversticks’ and we tried really hard to use chopsticks.  We had a chopstick challenge!

The Evil Pea has been caught!!!!

Oh no the Evil Pea had been up to tricks over the weekend!  Look what he did to our toy vegetables!  The children got straight to work and started to make traps to catch him and we made our own super vegetables!  We had so much fun turning into superheros to rescue our Superworm and save our friends.   

Oh No….

Our Super Worm is MISSING!!!!!!!!

IMG_8894 We made Missing posters! 

Have you seen Super Worm? 

Super Tato to the rescue!!!!!!!


We think the Evil Pea has something to do with the disappearance of Super Worm!



Thank you to all the parents who attended out Nursery cooking workshop.  We hope you had lots of fun and you continue cooking at home with your child.

The children are still enjoying their fire station outside.  So much so we arranged for the firefighters to visit.  Luckily the afternoon children experienced being a real firefighter.  The tried their helmets on, used the hose and sat in the fire engine.  We are hoping they come back for our morning children next week! 


After reading Super Worm, some of the children went on a bug hunt.  We found lots of worms! We found so many we decided to make a wormery.  The children loved helping Mrs Pickett dig for worms and we compared the different lengths.  This interest then led on to looking to at different mini-beasts and creating Super worm friends.

The children painted amazing pictures of Super Worm and his friends!


Mrs Hamilton-Lee arranged for the police to visit Nursery.  The children had the chance to try on some special police uniforms and hats.  The police officer talked to the children about his job and the children got to see his police car.  The children loved the siren noise!  

We changed the role play area into Abbey Police station.  The children have had so much fun.  They have used record-able clipboards for their investigations and has been solving clues around the nursery.


The children were very surprised when they found Baby Bears chair broken, and porridge all on the floor.  The Three Bears had called the police and the investigation was started!  Who could it be?  The children used their magnifying glasses and started looking for clues.  They found a red ribbon……They decided it was Goldilocks!!!!  The children were so enthusiastic and wanted to dress up as police officers and look around the school to see if they could find Goldilocks.  Nursery wanted Goldilocks to say sorry to Baby Bear.  Some of the children wanted to fix the chair and lots of children made wanted posters. 

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks we have had! Christmas Nativity, Christmas dinner, Christmas party and our Christmas fair.  Plus lots of Christmas activities.  We have had so much fun.  


We made some special snowman playdough.  The children enjoyed creating their own snowmen.  

Our EYFS Party

We had the best day!  The children had fun bouncing on the castles, playing party games and dancing to lots of fun music.  We even had a surprise visit from Olaf and Elsa.  The children couldn’t believe their eyes.  We danced to the song ‘Let it go’ and gave Olaf some warm cuddles.  


All the Nursery team had Christmas dinner with the full time children.  We made it a really lovely lunch, with crackers and place mats.  The dinner was really yummy! Mrs Bedforth even popped in to see us!

The ABC Nativity

The children made us very proud.  They performed confidently and sang their hearts out.  



It’s Christmas in Nursery!!!!!!

We have had a busy couple of weeks; practicing our songs for our Nativity and starting our Christmas activities.  Last week we wrote to Father Christmas and this week we walked to the postbox to post our letters to Father Christmas.  The nursery children were amazing and we were so pleased they walked so sensibly.  


Children In Need

We had a colour party to raise money for Children In Need.  The children came to school dressed in their favourite colour and brought in their teddy and some pennies to donate towards this worthy charity.  The children played lots of colour games and made a spotty cake to take home.  

Anti Bullying Week

We read the story of ‘Rainbow Fish’ and talked to the children about being a good friend.  They created paintings from the story and we celebrated vbeing kind in nursery.  As a class the children made a ‘Rainboe Fish’ pizza together and we shared it with our friends.  

November 11th – Remembrance Day

The children made poppy biscuits and their own poppies to take home. 


Firework Fun

We had lots of fun exploring colours during the firework celebrations!  We made firework pictures, had ago at marble painting, made firework models and experimented with some colour mixing.  

Spooky Science

It was science week and we decided to link it with Halloween.  We made our very own pumpkin volcano, played spooky bowling and experimented with floating and sinking.  The children predicted if they thought the pumpkin would float or sink.  Would do you think?

We made our own spells and potions!


Our All About Me Bags

The children loved showing their four objects that they had selected for their ‘All About Me’ bags.  The children shared their interest and we loved learning about our children!

Nataile loves to dance, Ava enjoys painting, Alexander plays with playdough at home and Sailujan showed us his family.  

 The nursery children have been exploring the nursery environment and have been busy making friends.

Wow, what a busy time we have had in nursery.  We are pleased to say all the children are happy and settled and are having lots of fun in nursery!

Welcome to Nursery -2016 -2017

Check out some of the exciting things we have done this year in Nursery.    Please feel free to leave us a message and let us know what you think!


Our Wheel-A-Thon


The children have loved playing with bubbles recently and a few children started to wash our bikes and scooters.  We decided to make a great car-wash area and the children have loved using the big sponges and washing the cars.  

We collected the eggs from our chickens and then cooked them and made yummy egg sandwiches.

Baby Boom

Otavio’s baby brother visited our baby clinic in nursery!


Suddenly our children have developed an interest with our baby dolls and accessories.  The children have been bathing the babies, changing their nappies, dressing them and showing them lots of love.  


Jurassic Park

The nursery children started to build their own ‘Jurassic Park’ and we then continued this interest for the last couple of weeks.

The children worked together and created an amazing park for our dinosaurs.  The children discovered ‘Terry the triceratops’ and an egg and we have been watching it hatch over the week.  The children have been busy painting their predictions, making paper-mache eggs and rescuing frozen dinosaurs.  The children have also loved playing their dinosaur game and we then took this interest outside and had dinosaur races in our costumes.

Terry even had lunch with the rainbow children.

 Our Pet Dinosaurs



In nursery we made delicious pancakes.  The children measured the ingredients and whisked the mixture.  Mrs Hamilton-Lee apparently is the ‘best pancake maker in the WORLD!!!!’ The children gave their thumbs up and said they were ‘yummy’.  

We had a pancake race.  It was so much fun!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The Early Years were given the artist ‘Paul Klee’ to learn about and this painting to inspire our own creativity.    Klee’s style was a blend of surrealism, cubism, and expressionism.  We then looked at some of his other work and we wanted to create our own versions using bricks and shapes.  The role play area was even an art gallery.  The children loved drawing and sticking their work on the walls for their friends to see.  We had a great week!


All of a sudden our children had super powers and they were pretending to be different superheroes.  We followed the children’s interest and read the story…..SUPERTATO.  The children loved this story so we decided to have some fun with the Evil Pea.  The next day……our Peppa Pig toys were frozen!!!!!!  Oh no….who did it……..It was Evil Pea!!!!!!!  The children decided they needed to make a cage for him so over the weekend he wouldn’t freeze anymore of our toys.

The model making area was so busy with children creating their traps.  They were choosing the materials and helping each other with the tape and scissors.  They also made their own ‘Super Veg’ and used these to create their own super stories.  Some of the children even performed their show to the class.  



We also loved ‘The Gingerbread man’, ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and the’ Gruffalo’.  The children loved drawing characters from the story and retelling the stories using props.  

The children were drawing their own scary troll.

Lots of children loved the story ‘Going on a bear hunt’so that was our next learning direction.

We retold the story in lots of creative ways and went on our very own bear hunt.


We wanted to know the children’s favourite stories so we asked the nursery to come to school wearing their PJ’s and their book.  We made a cosy environment and spent the morning and afternoon reading their stories and talking about their favourite ones.  

Gold Class

Silver Class

You never guess what happened!  We came back after Christmas and baby bears chair was broken.  The three bears were very confused and trying to work out what had happened.  Luckily the nursery children were on the case and they quickly started looking for clues.  They found a red ribbon, a necklace with the letter ‘G’ on and little footprints.  The children decided it was GOLDILOCKS!  

The children called the police and made wanted posters.  They looked for her around the school and said she needs to say sorry to the three bears.  It was the children who decided that we needed to make real porridge.  “She will come back if she smells the porridge”.  So this is what we did!  And guess what…… worked!  Goldilocks came back and said she was sorry for breaking the chair.  The children thought it would be nice if the three bears shared their porridge and everyone was happy the mystery was solved.  








Cassie came to Nursery.  Mrs Hamilton-Lee let her puppy come to school for the day.  She loved all her cuddles!

Our Nursery Vet

What a busy vet we have in nursery!  The children have loved our new role play area.  The children have acted out the different roles of being the vet, the receptionist and being pet owners.  We have loved watching the children play alongside each other.

We read the story of ‘Dear Zoo’ at the beginning of the week and the some of the children were amazing at retelling the story and sequencing the pictures in the correct order.  

The Queen’s Birthday Party

Our Cakes for the party

Our busy week learning about the Queen

The Queen Knickers Story


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Royal necklaces and bracelets

Spring Sponsor Bounce


The children had so much fun bouncing!  

They all completed their sponsor bounce and were very tired.  A big thank you to all the money that you have collected.  Hopefully we have enough money to pay for the coaches to go to the farm.  

Well done everyone.  

Easter Crown Making

Lots of the children made fantastic crowns to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday.  The children had a little parade around the early years wearing their special crowns.


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  2. My sister looks lovely with her friend. she is enjoying at Nursery.


  3. Learning about fish would be great

  4. Thanks Miss Hamilton Lee and all the staffs, we had fun at the cookery lesson today. It was really yummy!!

  5. Excellent work from the teachers and the the party was the picture from mrs Hamilton-lee and rose

  6. I miss nursery so much it only seemed like yesterday I was eat, sleep and playing around

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    It’s Miss Hamilton and Mrs Delgado here! We just want to say how much fun we have in nursery. Thank you to Gold and Silver Class for being super stars!!!!

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