Year 6


Year 6 have been getting into science this week. We began by using a range of sources to find out more about the great scientist and mathematician, Sir Issac Newton.  The children have revised how to carry out experiments using fair testing and explored how variables can be changed or kept the same. We conducted experiments this week to explore gravity on falling objects and designed balloon rockets to test air resistance and thrust. Year 6 definitely enjoyed planning, making and testing their individual rocket designs. They were absolutely brilliant at working together and their scientific discussions were spot on!


Harris Burdick inspired stories

Year 6 have begun the Summer term looking at the features of ghost/supernatural stories. We have used the images from Harris Burdick to plan our own supernatural stories. The children have also enjoyed using the Ipads to create their own photos in the style of Burdick. We are looking forward to reading their stories once they are written and are hoping they don’t give us nightmares… the images below are chilling enough!

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Purple Class: 

We were given the country: Turkey! We have researched the national symbols, created information booklets using the internet to find information and enjoyed a workshop given by Don Rae where the class danced to the song ‘Kiss Kiss’ using the styles seen in Turkish dancing. 

We had an afternoon of art where the children created Islamic patterns by using a ruler to create shapes within a hexagon and eight-pointed star. Many of these patterns can be found on the buildings, walls and furniture within Turkish buildings. A huge thank you to the parents who visited Purple class and helped. 

Fantasy Quest Stories

We have been blown away with the standard of writing in Year 6 over the last two weeks. The children have worked hard and produced some exciting, imaginative and well-written fantasy stories! We looked at the features of good fantasy stories, developed our characters, settings and quests and learnt to use good dialogue, figurative language and suspense techniques within our writing. Here are Lauren’s, Cairo’s and Jessica’s writing:IMG_0669IMG_0668IMG_0667

The extinction of the dodo!

In theme this week, Year 6 used the tablets to find out what caused the extinction of the dodo- a flightless bird we saw at the Natural History Museum. We linked this to the understanding that an animal needs to be able to adapt in order to survive. Our children couldn’t believe that it took around 170 years for the dodo to become extinct, although this process can take a lot longer.

 Below are Shae’s and Charlotte’s diagram of the dodo with facts and information learnt labelled around the outside. 

 Our trip to the Natural History Museum 02/03/17

Year 6 and staff thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Natural History Museum! Each group went off and explored different areas and galleries of the museum. We explored the ‘Human Evolution’ and ‘From the Beginning’ galleries which enabled the children to experience a greater depth of understanding of our theme topic ‘The Descent of Man’. The children were also keen to visit other areas of the museum too as well as asking “When are we having lunch?” : )


RE- Buddhism

For spring term, the children have been learning about Buddhism. So far this term we have learnt about how Buddhism originated and have explored Buddhist stories. We looked at the holy scriptures of the Tipitaka which were originally written on dried palm leaves. This week, the children learnt more about Buddhist temples- Viharha and drew their own temple ensuring they included significant features and symbols that we would expect to see. Below are Tharaneya and Kamran’s temples:

 ART WEEK 2017


For Art Week, Year 6 explored the painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Salvador Dali. The children were fascinated by the surrealist concepts within Dali’s paintings and loved the visual illusions he created. They then went on to create their own dreamscape in the style of Dali before adding a modern element of symbols they are interested in such as emojis, logos and brands.

In Literacy, the children wrote Etheree poems describing the painting and enjoyed the challenge of creating lines which  increased in syllables each time.

 YEAR 6- 2016-17

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  1. so far enjoying y6 so much looking forward to the rest of it !!
    can not believe that it is nearly over 😦

  2. I LOVED PGL if any y5’s dont want to go they will be missing out on something amazing! I will never forget it!

  3. Me and Prathikah were looking at the blog at Nonsuch during lunch! We really miss you!!! Year 6 was the best year ever!!!!

    Baasma and Prathikah xx

  4. cool PGL

  5. PGL was awesome I really enjoyed going on the Giant swing with Mr Brickwood I was so scared before I actually went on it I all most said I did not want to go on it!

  6. I want to go to year 6

  7. Hi

  8. Lovin the PJ’s Mr.Brickwood!!
    Well done Yr6 you all looked like you were having so much fun!
    I will miss you when you leave xxboohoo!xx
    love Mrs Campbell

  9. really cool I hope you come back ALL TIRED

  10. Oh my god that picture off me sleeping… Its just ridiculous, i look so dumb :/

  11. I loved PGL im happy im back but i miss the fun on the giant swing 😀

  12. I’m glad to be back home but I’m already missing PGL it was ever soooo fun, my main highlight was being able to hear Mr B scream from the zip wire platform which is far away from the giant swing! Can’t wait to tell all my friends at skl!

    Oh and one more thing…


  13. pgl was awesome so sad it over really enjoyed loved the giant swing so sad there’s no pic of me and sophie on there

  14. Aww that was so sweet. Haris loves cake! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. See you tomorrow!

  15. Hiy keziah. Looks like your having a lovely time with ur freinds and it was great to see you riding a bike. Enjoy the u

  16. So proud of you all. I’m sure the teachers will need lots of sleep when they get back! Looking forward to seeing you all. Miss T x

  17. You look like you are having a fantastic time. The pics of you all are great! Enjoy the rest of your week end.

  18. A very Happy Birthday to Haris!!!! So glad to see you are enjoying your special day. Loved seeing the pics. Looks like everyone is having an amazing time. Boys were ready to go at 5 am… that is definitely an accomplishment! Waiting for more pics…

  19. Looks like you are having a brilliant time at PGL. Looking forward to hearing all of your stories. Mr Brickwood, sort your wardrobe out! I can’t believe Miss D and Mrs O let you out like that. Can’t wait to see more photos tomorrow. Miss T x

  20. Hey everyone hope you are enjoying PGL!!
    Looks like your having loads of fun. Good luck for the Giant Swing hope Mr. Brickwoods face is funnier this time!!!
    See you guys soon!

  21. Slippers was really fun! :)! But carrying the chairs around!- Not so much! Mr Brickwood was acting really strict when I came in the morning I felt freaked OUT!

  22. starsnappers workshop was really fun and we got have the chicks that was epicer than the epicest epic in the epic world of epic epicness

  23. 😉

  24. These are fantastic poems, well done!

  25. It was really nice to see the eggs again as we had them in Blue class

  26. nice poem michelle, haris! 😉

  27. I will really miss Abbey

  28. Cool

  29. hope everybody enjoyed chessington

  30. today we went chesington
    i had a lot of fun hope every body did

  31. hope everyone ejoyed PGL!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  32. look at mr brickwood’s face on the giant swing

  33. mr brickwoods face on the giant swing was hallirious my group heard him scream from so far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it was sucha good weekend everybody enjoyed themselves and gabija ( indigo ) was the funnniest on the rock climbing trying to get down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WISH I WAS STILL THERE !!!!!!!!!

  34. Mr Brickwood looks soooo funny!

  35. cool photos

  36. Well Vahaj, you’ve always got your SAT’s to look forward to!!! And PGL!!! And possibly a trip to Chessington World of Adventures!! And there is also your last ever Y6 Production – I wonder what you’ll do this year!!

  37. hey guys what else do you think we should do in yr6 (something fun)

    Any ideas guys…?? Mrs morris do you have any ideas of what we could do please reply.

  38. Good job of the blog Mrs morris! 🙂

  39. 🙂

  40. its so cool cant wait for more stuff to enjoy!!! 😛

  41. This blog is really good shows alot of the fun stuff we have already done this Year in yr 6! A great blog:)

  42. looks excitin

  43. hi

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