Y5 Viking Day

Year 5  had a brilliant day, learning lots about The Vikings. We looked at lots of different artifacts from the period and even ended up reenacting a Viking Battle!

This year’s Sports Day is on Tuesday 28th June 2016

This is a reminder about Sport’s Day 

Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5 will compete between 9:00am and 10:30am 

Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6 will compete between 10:50am and 12.20pm.

Nursery and Reception will be participating in a multi skills festival between 1:30pm and 2:30pm.  

Your child will need to wear the t-shirt colour that represents their house. Your child will also need to bring a water bottle, sun hat and be wearing sun tan lotion.

Parents are most welcome to come and support the children whilst they are competing. We look forward to seeing you at another exciting Sports Day!

Abbey is a ‘dementia friend’


Our Y6 singing club visited Shearing House Residents on Wednesday 18th to sing some old – time tunes. ‘Hello Dolly’ was a favourite and the residents enjoyed joining in. Our children were fascinated to hear the tales of the residents’ time at school.

On Friday, Piper, Ana, Amy and Mia represented the school at a ‘Dementia Awareness’ event run by Sutton Housing Partnership. We learnt what dementia means and what it is like to live with dementia.


Rocket Seeds Are Go!!


Abbey Primary are very excited to announce that they will be attempting to grow seeds which have been stored on the International Space Station for the past year! Tim Peake sent a package back down to earth last month which contained thousands of rocket seeds. They have been sent out to selected schools to grow alongside rocket seeds which have not been sent to space to see if there will be any differences on the way they grow and to see how zero gravity effects the growth of food. This is part of a project to see whether life in space could be sustained in the future. Abbey have been lucky enough to have been selected to complete part of this test with 100 seeds from space growing alongside 100 ordinary seeds in our classrooms for the next 6 weeks! Our Eco Ambassadors will be keeping a close eye and Tim Peake himself will be revealing whether the red seeds or the blue seeds were the ones from the ISS! Watch this space (get it? 🙂 ) for updates on how the seeds are growing!

School Council trip to Houses of Parliament

On March 8th 2016, Abbey’s school council were invited to meet their local MP Tom Brake and take a tour of the Houses of Parliament.
It was an amazing day. We got to see inside the House of Lords and even witnessed a ‘live’ debate in the House of Commons!

Netball vs Dorchester Primary

On Tuesday 1st March, Abbey Primary School were all set to play the last netball match of the season against Dorchester Primary School.  While we waited for the opposition to arrive, Miss Eastland warmed-up the girls…

Dorchester arrived and we were all set for the match.  The match started and Dorchester were fast, quick at taking the ball! They maintained eye-contact as the passed the ball amongst themselves and by the end of the first half it was 9-0 to Dorchester.  The second half whistle blew and both teams had earnstly listened to thier coaches and were determined to do their best.  During one point in the match Abbey kept passing the ball to each other but the Dorchester palyers just intercepted the pass each time.  The opposing team did not score again.  We may have lost the netbal matches but our team played amazingly well and they can be very proud!

By Janina & Haya (Year 5)

Thank you to Mrs Vietri and Miss Eastland for coaching the netball team. We are very grateful!



Netball vs Cheam Park Farm

On Tuesday we had a netball match. Cheam Park Farm had a really good start. They had a good shot but Haya caught the rebound and passed it, we tried to get it down the pitch.  Haya had a sore leg so she could not help. By Kaysie

On Tuesday we had a netball match. In the first half Abbey played excellent. They were focused and kept passing the ball to each other. They played excellently. Whenever they would pass the ball to each other they would call the other person’s name. They would try their best. By Haya

On Tuesday we had a netball match. Although we didn’t win Abbey played really well. We tried to catch the ball when our team mates threw it or if the other team were trying to catch it. In my opinion team work wise, our team won (although we didn’t.) By Launa