Rocket Seeds Are Go!!


Abbey Primary are very excited to announce that they will be attempting to grow seeds which have been stored on the International Space Station for the past year! Tim Peake sent a package back down to earth last month which contained thousands of rocket seeds. They have been sent out to selected schools to grow alongside rocket seeds which have not been sent to space to see if there will be any differences on the way they grow and to see how zero gravity effects the growth of food. This is part of a project to see whether life in space could be sustained in the future. Abbey have been lucky enough to have been selected to complete part of this test with 100 seeds from space growing alongside 100 ordinary seeds in our classrooms for the next 6 weeks! Our Eco Ambassadors will be keeping a close eye and Tim Peake himself will be revealing whether the red seeds or the blue seeds were the ones from the ISS! Watch this space (get it? 🙂 ) for updates on how the seeds are growing!

One Response

  1. Wow how exciting, can’t wait to see how that turns out 🌱🌱

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