Netball vs Dorchester Primary

On Tuesday 1st March, Abbey Primary School were all set to play the last netball match of the season against Dorchester Primary School.  While we waited for the opposition to arrive, Miss Eastland warmed-up the girls…

Dorchester arrived and we were all set for the match.  The match started and Dorchester were fast, quick at taking the ball! They maintained eye-contact as the passed the ball amongst themselves and by the end of the first half it was 9-0 to Dorchester.  The second half whistle blew and both teams had earnstly listened to thier coaches and were determined to do their best.  During one point in the match Abbey kept passing the ball to each other but the Dorchester palyers just intercepted the pass each time.  The opposing team did not score again.  We may have lost the netbal matches but our team played amazingly well and they can be very proud!

By Janina & Haya (Year 5)

Thank you to Mrs Vietri and Miss Eastland for coaching the netball team. We are very grateful!



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