Abbey’s Sports Bulletin

‘active body makes an active mind’

This half term Abbey Primary has been promoting a healthy, active lifestyle by providing all our children with an opportunity to take part in a physical activity of some description. The teachers have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm the children have shown and it is wonderful to see so many of them taking part. There have been Dance and Gym clubs taking place during lunchtimes as well as Zumba, Cross-Country, Tag Rugby, Netball and Football taking place after school.

Abbey’s Sports Stars!

This Term we are celebrating our Abbey Sports Stars, well done to all of you. Mudabbar (Purple) for being a motivated and committed team player, Hollie Elsey (Indigo) for developing her gym skills and becoming an excellent rugby player, Emily (Amber) for demonstrating excellent gymnastics skills and encouraging her peers, Shae (Bronze) for always being a great team player and helping others to improve as well as himself in all sports, Callum (Sapphire) for being a great team player and having lots of enthusiasm, Bobby (Blue) for being a good sportsman and always helping others, Tavaun (Green) for being a good sportsman and being happy for  the winning team, Jessica (Turquoise) for demonstrating excellent gymnastic skills – straight, pike, star and straddle jumps, Rahiem (Yellow) for good handling of the rugby ball and being so quick, Tajus (Saffron) for being a good team player, Ethan (Red) for improved sending and receiving the ball, and Scott (Orange) for improved sending and receiving the ball.

Abbey’s Rugby World Cup!

To celebrate the Rugby World Cup, Abbey Primary held our very own tournament this week. All the classes across the school were allocated a participating country from the World Cup and in turn took to the field to compete in an intra-class rugby tournament. The children had a ball! There were some good tackles, passes and some of us even looked like proper rugby players covered in mud, battered and bruised.

Abbey’s Football Team Report!

Abbey 0 vs Cheam Park Farm Jr 3 This was the first game of the season for our Year 6 football team and it was a brilliant match that we were very unlucky to lose. The boys played some brilliant football but just couldn’t find the back of the net. However, if it wasn’t for Nathan in goal then the score could have been a lot larger. Man of the Match: Nathan

 Abbey 11 vs 3 A.S. Benhilton The team played brilliant football in the first round of the Year 6 cup to win by a large margin. 5 goals from Kieran and Leo, along with one from Billy proved enough to get us through to the next round. Man of the Match: Kieran

Abbey 4 vs 5 Cheam Common The second league game of the season produced a fantastic game. With Abbey winning 3-1 at half time, it looked to be over. However, Cheam managed to pull themselves back into the game and scored a last minute penalty to win the game. Man of the Match: Leo

 *If you have any unwanted trainers that you have grown out of, but are in good condition we have set up a trainer donation station at the school office so children can still take part in outdoor PE if they have forgotten their kit.  This is to help promote an active lifestyle.

*Tag Rugby, Netball and Cross-Country will be starting in the 2nd  week of the 2nd Autumn Term.

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