District Sports

On Thursday 25th June, our athletes went to compete in the District Sports event held at Sutton Arena. It was a beautiful day, enjoyed by all of our children and their fantastic supporters, who all enjoyed the atmosphere and competition. Our District Sports competed with great team spirit and pride for the school and should be very proud of their performance.
 In the sprint competitions, Jesse (Year 3), Kerian (Year 5) Sydney and Milda (Year 6) all ran fantastically to make it to the District Sports final where they ran against the other best sprinters in the area. Jesse and Milda should be incredibly proud of their 4th place finish and Kerian should also be delighted with his second place finish.
IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4480 IMG_4481 IMG_4482 IMG_4483 IMG_4485 IMG_4486 IMG_4488
In the competitive relay competitions, all of our relay teams ran fantastically well and put all of their training to good use in the hot conditions. Our Year 3 Boys and Year 5 Boys both made it through to the finals which was fantastic to see.
IMG_4489 IMG_4492IMG_4490  IMG_4493 IMG_4496 IMG_4498 IMG_4500 IMG_4504
The entire District Sports team were brilliant on a hot day at Sutton Arena and made the school very proud.
Mr Sandeman & Mrs Vietri

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