Science Week

This week has been Science Week at Abbey Primary. As well as the arrival of 10 cute little chicks, the children have been enthused about science through a whole host of scientific activities that have been taking place! The children have been completing experiments and investigations in class with their teacher and also participated in a mega science workshop that Mr Brickwood organised. The hall became a science laboratory for the day on Wednesday and the children took part in lots of activities that helped them find out more about forces, materials and all things scientific! The children found out how to make slime, how to push a wooden stick through a balloon without it bursting and my personal favourite: the pepper/ washing up liquid experiment. For those of you who would like to try this at home: get a clean bowl; fill it with some tap water; sprinkle some black pepper on to the water so that it is liberally covered; next get some washing up liquid or vinegar and let a drop fall into the water – watch what happens to the pepper!! It is very cool!

IMG_3970 IMG_3973 IMG_3997 IMG_4003 IMG_4004 IMG_3993 IMG_4006

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