Netball Match Report

On Wednesday 11/3/15 the girls had a netball match away at Forresters School.  They had all trained brilliantly this week and we were excited to put everything into practice.  The match got off to a fantastic start. We scored two goals quickly and easily! Our passing was accurate, we were calling for the ball and finding space.  We looked like a great team.  Unfortunately despite our amazing efforts we lost 6-2 which did not reflect how well we played.

We had our second match where we played equally as well.  We had shots on target and our defence was strong but they managed to get one goal in resulting in 1-0 loss.

Their umpires were really impressed with our Abbey girls and commented on how well they played and how lovely the games were!

Match Report by: Miss Eastland

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Overall we could not be prouder of our final netball match. The girls have progressed beyond measure and are a real team! It has been lovely to watch them train and play each week.

Miss Eastland, Miss Speirs & Mr Brickwood

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  1. Keep up the great work, you work fabulously as a team, good luck for the next game a win is on the horizon .

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