Netball Match Report

Our Netball squad played two games against Amy-Johnson on Wednesday 25th February at Abbey.  We were excited for our games and all the girls played so well.  The first game was a great show of how much we have improved, our passes were more accurate, the girls were running into space, calling for the ball and we managed to score 3 goals.  Unfortunately our best goal shooting efforts were no match for Amy-Johnson and the final score was 8-3.

After a short break we were all set to play the second game of the afternoon. The girls continued to work hard and our defending was tight.  Abbey were holding their own on the court, intercepting Amy-Johnson and getting the ball to our Goal Shooters and Goal Attacks in the circle.  Our Abbey Netball team should be very proud of how well they held their own in the second game.  Even though our girls defended well we lost the second game 2-0.

Thank you to those teachers and parents that supported us on Wednesday, we really appreciate it.

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  1. Fantastic effort

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