Young Voices 2015

What a day! What an amazing day! What an amazing group of children! We boarded the coach at 11.30am eagerly anticipating the day ahead! We arrived at the O2 at 1.00pm and were swiftly ushered into our seats, giving us time to eat lunch and relax a little before the afternoon rehearsals began at 2.00pm. We spent the afternoon discovering which ‘parts’ of the songs we would be singing, meeting the ‘celebrities’ (Lucy Spraggan, Tom Billington and the boyband Mic Lowry) and practising our groovy dance moves with Andy from Urban Strides! After 3 hours of rehearsals we began to flag a little but some fruit pastilles and chocolate chip cookies soon perked us all up again!

Rehearsals ended at 5.00pm which gave us an hour to eat our tea before the parents began entering the arena to watch the show. We had great fun waving our banner and trying to spot our parents from the many that were in the audience – we managed to spot quite a few who were waving madly at us!

At 7.00pm the lights went down and all of the children began waving their torches and screaming excitedly – it was time for the concert to begin! The opening notes of the Andrew Lloyd Webber medley began which was our cue to start singing……. the concert had begun! The children sang and danced with a renewed energy that can only have come from the atmosphere in the arena – it was buzzing!!

In a blink of an eye, it was 9.15pm and we were singing ‘All you need is love’ which was the grand finale song. The concert was over……but the excitement wasn’t!!! The children continued to buzz…. all the way back to the coach……..all the way back to school (apart from a few who were shattered and fell asleep!). We arrived back at school at 11.00pm with memories that will remain with us all forever!

On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the Young Voices children in Years 4,5 and 6 who have attended rehearsals since the beginning of September, giving up 2-3 lunchtimes every week to learn the songs and the dance routines – you have all been totally amazing and I am so very proud of you – every single one of you!

Another big thank you must also go to Mrs Campbell as without her help, singing club would be far more difficult to manage! And thanks also to Mrs Hamilton-Lee and Miss Thompson as they were both extremely valuable help on the day.

I’m not sure how to spend my lunchtimes now…………bring on Young Voices 2016!!

IMG_4918     WP_20150130_17_37_34_ProIMG_4894




5 Responses

  1. I’m totally going next year what a blast BEST EXPERINCE EVER THX MRS MORRIS 🙂 Amy b

  2. it was so fun I totally going next year

  3. Wow what a fantastic day!
    Well done everyone in singing club you
    were all amazing
    Thank you for letting me be apart of it.
    Miss Thompson xxx

  4. Young voices 2015 at the 02 was very special. Well done to all the children who took part , you did Abbey proud. Can’t wait for 2016.xx love Mrs Campbell xx

  5. Amazing guys. What superstars you all are. 🙂

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