Nonsuch Regional Maths Challenge

4 brilliant mathematicians from Year 6 accompanied Mrs Morris to the Regional Maths Challenge held at Nonsuch High School on Wednesday 26th June. The challenge was a 7 round competition which included some very tricky maths problems. One round required the children to look at various pictures and then answer some questions about them, once the pictures had been hidden, for example, what was the number on the double decker bus?; how many ducks were on the pond? etc! The competition ended with a relay round where the teams were split in two and placed in different parts of the hall. Each half had to an answer a question and then take the next question quickly over to their partners! The hall became extremely noisy and quite chaotic very quickly! The winning team for each round were entrusted with caring for Shrek during the next round!


Team Abbey!


We won Round 3!!!

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