Sports Day 2013

Yesterday the sun shone brightly and the children at Abbey Primary took to the field for our annual sports day! Mrs Corden-Lloyd and Mr Sandeman had been up early, setting up all the events on the field and training some of the Y5s and Y6s who were activity marshalls for the morning!

The children had been organised into their house groups and at 9.15am, Mrs Bedforth and her trusty microphone started the event with a loud ‘On your marks, get set, go!’

The children took part in different sporting activities including standing long jump, speed bounce, sprint, relay, discus toss, javelin throw, beanbag shuttle and the egg and spoon race! All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and Darwin were the overall winners! Well done everyone, especially the children in Darwin House!


The Standing Long Jump


The Speed Bounce



The Beanbag Shuttle Race


The Discus Toss


The Sprint


Mrs B commentating & Ms T keeping score!


Taking a results slip to the score table!


Two Y6 girls enjoying their last sports day at primary school!

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