Science Week

We had a fantastic Science Week at Abbey. The week started with the Mad Scientists. Loony Lou introduced the children, from Years 1 to 6, to a number of fun fascinating facts through some interactive experiments during a great assembly.

Picture 001

For the rest of the day children from across the school were lucky enough to be able to work with the Mad Scientists on an hour long workshop; Y2 learnt about the phenomena of static electricity and electrical currents in ‘Watts Up’, Y3 saw how plants and animals are connected and how they interact with their surroundings in ‘Eco-systems Exploration’, Y4 looked at the concept of matter in its three states through visual and tactile experiences in ‘Dry Ice Capades’, whilst Y5 learnt about the forces that affect flight in ‘Fantastic Flyers’. 




Over the course of the week every child was also given the opportunity to have a go at four fun, hands on science investigations. The children in Nursery and Reception rescued a penguin from the ice, blew up a balloon without actually blowing it up and launched rockets high up into the air.

Smashing the ice



Y1 and Y2 investigated how to make crazy custard, how many straws they could suck water through as well as making giant bubbles with water and glycerine!


Picture 010


Y3 and Y4 made lava lamps as well as looking at density; pouring lots of different liquids into one bottle and watching what happens!

Picture 028


Y5 and Y6 experimented with surface tension using droplets of water on a 2p coin and found out how many colours make up a green M&M!

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